Arguably the hottest card from Breakers of Shadow, Cyber Dragon Infinity's going to shape competition as we know it. Hitting the field with 2100 ATK and then gaining 200 more attack for each of its Xyz Materials, it's got two tremendous control effects: once per turn, it can take an attack mode monster and use it as Xyz Material; and once per turn on either player's turn, you can detach a Material negate the activation of a card or effect and destroy the source. It shuts down your opponent's biggest moves, steals their monsters, and can even feed off your own cards to keep things locked down.

So how do you Summon it? Cyber Dragon Infinity's standard Xyz Materials are three Level 6 Light Machines – virtually impossible. But you can also Xyz Summon it by throwing it on top of Cyber Dragon Nova, and you can make that with Tellarknight Ptolemaeus. Overlay two Level 4s for Ptolemaeus and you can add an Xyz Material to it in your End Phase, Rank it up into Cyber Dragon Nova with its effect, and unleash Cyber Dragon Infinity next turn. Better yet, if you can stack three Level 4s all at once you can unleash Cyber Dragon Infinity in one quick flurry.

Cards like Performage Plushfire and Performage Damage Juggler work in tandem with Pendulum Summons and revival tricks like Instant Fusion and Elder Entity Norden to make that happen, but we might also see the reemergence of a classic Xyz Summoning suite: Star Seraph Scepter and Star Seraph Sovereignty. Drawing them together means you can Normal Summon Scepter, respond with Sovereignty's effect, search another Sovereignty, and wind up Special Summoning both copies to draw twice. Since you play two cards from your hand to draw two more it's a free Cyber Dragon Infinity.

We actually saw a Pendulum deck running Star Seraphs weeks ago! Bryan Gutierrez took a Top 8 finish at the Tulsa Oklahoma Regional late last year, packing Star Seraphs with Summoner Monk for better access to Star Seraph Scepter. The strategy worked then, and it gets infinitely better with the release of Cyber Dragon Infinity.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer