Kaiser Colosseum's been a strong sleeper pick for Kozmo Side Decks this format, played in ones and twos to help keep Performage Pendulums and Majespecters under control. Since the Kozmo duelist can banish and destroy their own monsters to string together attacks one at a time, they can easily make do with just one monster. But if a Pendulum duelist can't play more than one monster at a time, Xyz Summons and key Synchros like Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer and PSY-Framelord are impossible. Kaiser Colosseum makes that happen, restricting a Pendulum player to a number of monsters equal to that controller by the Colosseum player.


That's been great Side Deck tech for weeks, but it finally broke through to another level at YCS Sao Paulo, where Kozmos dominated the Top 8 occupying six seats. It was actually played as a Main Deck pick as well, taking runner-up Mateus Nobile Silva all the way to the Finals where he was defeated by another Kozmo duelist...a matchup where, sadly, his game one Colosseums would've been a bit of a handicap.

As rough a draw as Colosseum can be in the mirror, it's going to get even more important in the coming weeks, with Pendulum decks getting stronger off the back of the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck. Performage Performapal strategies become even stronger with Breakers of Shadow in January as well, with Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer is now confirmed for release in that set. If Kozmos are to survive the incoming onslaught from Pendulum strategies they're going to have to pull out all the stops, and Kaiser Colosseum may be an important piece of the puzzle.

As it stands now, Silva's performance cements Kaiser Colosseum as a must for the Kozmo Side Deck and elevates it to a Main Deck candidate.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer