Appreciation continues to grow for key cards from Clash of Rebellions, as yet another major theme card has more than doubled in price. While The Black Stone of Legend floated around the $20 mark for the first days of its tournament debut, it's now climbed solidly into the $40 range over the past ten days.


Keying off the old Red-Eyes B. Dragon, The Black Stone of Legend can also Special Summon the new Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon, the Gemini-fueled redux of the Joey Wheeler original. Bringing Black Flare Dragon straight out of your deck as a one-for-one, Black Stone can be recycled from your graveyard by shuffling Red-Eyes cards back into your deck, or revived directly as a Level 1 in combo with the Spirit monster Kinka-Byo.

That combo will become more important in the near future, when the next Shonen JUMP subscriber promo's released – Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. With 3000 ATK and an effect that burns your opponent for damage equal to the ATK of any monster Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon destroys in battle, you Special Summon it by Tributing a Dark Dragon and a Beast. That means if you revive Black Stone with Kinka-Byo you can go straight into Beast-Eyes, on top of whatever Special Summoning tricks you'll conduct with your core Red-Eyes strategy.

With Beast-Eyes releasing some time soon and hype building for the Red-Eyes theme, The Black Stone of Legend may remain a marquee card from Clash of Rebellions for a long time.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer