For years now, two cards have defined how we use the Spell and Trap Card Zone: Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon. With Heavy Storm Forbidden MST has seen a sort of ebb and flow, and its influence has shaped entire formats. When it didn't see play, a deck like Qliphort could win Championships, but when it sees heavy use, entire strategies rise and fall accordingly. Trap cards haven't been tremendously popular this format, but they've been creeping up in numbers the past six weeks. With Pendulums becoming a driving force and decks like Kozmos offering unique combos with their own simple removal, Mystical Space Typhoon's become more popular again.

But Twin Twisters brings an entirely new kind of pressure to the game, and it's already having a tremendous impact on major strategies… and competitive expectations. Heavy Storm's overpowered because it offered straight two-for-ones or better, destroying every spell and trap card on the field for just one card. On the flips ide, Mystical Space Typhoon can be a tough sell because unless you set it and your opponent tries to destroy it with their own effect, it's rarely better than a one-for-one. What's awesome about Twin Twisters is that it occupies a grey space between those two extremes.


As a two-for-two trade it offers no more card advantage than two Mystical Space Typhoons. In a vacuum, the card economy's the same. But the impact is far higher; actually drawing two MST's together is really rare, while Twin Twisters destroys two cards with far greater ease. That means a better chance at causing major damage to your opponent's Pendulum plans, or forcing through big damage when your opponent's got solid protection. It's not nearly as good when you only want to destroy one target, but the pros generally outweigh the cons.

...Especially when you start thinking about how Twin Twisters interacts with other cards. One of its biggest strengths is that it boosts the utility of every card in your hand: at any given time, it's very likely that only some of the cards in your hand are actually useful. You won't always need another Normal Summon, nor an extra Pendulum Scale. Sometimes you may have one piece of a combo but nothing else to make it work. And that's where Twin Twisters really shines: it turns your dead cards into immediate one-for-one removal to help you win the game. It literally just makes all your other cards better.

Combining it with cards like Performage Damage Juggler – stuff you want in your graveyard anyways – brings even more shades of grey and more potential. It's easily the smartest piece of generic removal we've ever seen, offering bigger opportunities to more practiced competitors. With a myriad of uses, it's one of the most powerful cards in Breakers of Shadow.

-Jason Grabher-Meyer