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No preamble this time, let's just start with the deck.



Confused? There are three strategies crammed in this list!

First: This is an Obosh, the Preypiercer deck. All the spells have odd converted mana costs so that on turn five you can cast Obosh from outside the game, doubling all the damage from your cards. Shock deals 4 damage, Slaying Fire does up to 8. Spiffy.

Second: This is a Lukka, Coppoercoat Outcast pseudo-Polymorph deck. All the creatures are either one-mana nerds like Arboreal Grazer and Gilded Goose, or high-cost payoffs like Yidaro, Wandering Monster. As a -2, Lukka acts like Rita Repulsa and makes your monsters grow into huge trampling threats. With Obosh out, they also deal double damage. Now we're getting somewhere!

Third: This is a superfriends deck! You have 14 planeswalkers and Sarkhan the Masterless to turn them into big ol' Dragons, which with Obosh in play... you get it.

Each of these three plans could fail, but the secret fourth plan never does: have the most fun.