Ignore Kaalia, Zenith Seeker's ability for just a moment and check those stats: 3/3 flying vigilance for three mana. That's a good rate. Maybe not build-around-me great, but with a critical mass of efficient creatures like Kaalia, you can overwhelm your opponent's Lightning Strikes and other removal, blunt their aggression and deal enough damage in the air to close out the game.

Now reread that ability. Kaalia can draw you up to three (!) cards when it enters the battlefield. Outside of Commander, though, getting a critical mass of all those high-cost creature types seems unlikely—so for Standard, we'll have to settle for "just" cantripping into one of 16 other efficient creatures.

We've got our critical mass of threats! Now we just need to live to the midgame when those four- and five-drops will shine. Enter Bishop of Wings, a tough little blocker who helps you stabilize just when you're looking to go on the offensive with big fliers. Plus, in multiples it works miracles with Resplendent Angel.

Often you'll curve out with Bishop of Wings into Kaalia, Zenith Seeker, drawing a four-mana Angel. Feels good.

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