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It's so important to remember that, as powerful as the companion mechanic is in Standard, you can also play a companion in your deck. As just, like, a creature card. That's worth playing.

This stompy list runs Umori, the Collector as its companion because having an eighth card at the start of the game is too good to ignore. But the real MPV of this deck, despite its one- and two-drops, is Keruga, the Macrosage.


Green stompy decks have the Kogla, the Titan Ape, Questing Beast creatures at every stage of the game. They only lose when they fall behind on card advantage, typically from board wipes. Just three copies of Keruga in the maindeck let you restock your hand without letting up the pressure, or even straying outside of mono-green.

When your opponent's creatures can't stand up to yours, and their removal can't keep up with your draw—what are they supposed to do?

Scoop, probably.