God-Eternal Oketra and God-Eternal Rhonas are both beefy creatures who reward you for playing lots of other creatures. They're even complementary, since Oketra produces more attackers who can benefit from Rhonas's power-doubling effect. To make the most of these Gods, you ideally want every nonland slot to go to a creature.

As long as you're all-in on G/W creatures, you get to play Nullhide Ferox as a 6/6 hexproof beater for four mana with a downside (can't cast noncreature spells) that's irrelevant. Nullhide Ferox is a beautiful turn-three play with a two-drop mana dork like Paradise Druid, and it curves into the God-Eternals perfectly.

Fill the remaining slots with low-cost green beatsticks and you've got a resilient aggro deck that happens to be rotation-proof.

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