The WCQ season's just on the horizon, and lots of duelists are still striving to win an invite to their Championship. How do you improve your results at Regional Qualifiers? Lots of players put in the work to perfect their deck and learn about their match-ups, but they often miss an important step: eliminating losses that shouldn't happen in the first place.

In this week's featured video, Doug talks about some of the common mistakes that kept him from reaching his goals in the early days of his dueling career; simple misconceptions and easy-to-fix errors that can cost you your chance to go to your WCQ. Hit the video below to find out what those mistakes are, so if you're making any of them yourself you can get your win/loss record back on track.

Sometimes your worst enemy in tournament competition is actually just yourself. There are lots of opportunities coming up all across the globe, so if you're still aiming for your invite, good luck in your next Regional.