This week I am playing the current frontrunner in Standard. Sultai Krasis has looked really good as essentially an upgraded version of the old Golgari decks. It used to be possible to go over the top of Golgari in the lategame, but that has become significantly more difficult with the addition of Hydroid Krasis. Having a card advantage creature in the deck like this is great, as they also play well alongside Find // Finality. This is the list I currently like:

The mana base does get a little bit worse when you add in the blue, but in general I haven't had too many issues despite not finding blue mana in one of the games here. This is a format where midrange decks can shine, especially when they have strong sideboards like we see here. Between all the explore and card draw effects, you can dig for specific cards as they are needed. Karn isn't in many lists, but it's a card I like a lot in the deck.

Vivien Reid remains the most important planeswalker in the deck. Three copies may seem like a lot, but she does it all, including dealing with opposing copies of Hydroid Krasis. The deck really has all the tools needed to succeed in the current format. We saw in the matches that games can be tight, though, so wins won't be easy to come by. Each turn there are often a variety of options, since the deck draws so many cards and you very rarely flood out, and making even one mistake can punish you.

The way to fight this deck is not with another midrange strategy – you can't fight through the card advantage this Sultai deck brings to the table – but you can try to go over the top with a control deck that has a better lategame, though this becomes more difficult with the addition of Hydroid Krasis. The other option is going under the Sultai deck with something like Mono-Red Aggro, but there are also flaws in that approach. I'm fairly convinced Sultai Krasis will be a tier one Standard deck moving forward.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield