Whatever happens, do not ever abandon the belief in your own ability to improve the community around you.

-Matt Sussman

I could start a series about all the questions I get asked about TCGplayer.

A lot of them are pitches disguised as questions. For instance, "why don't you guys sell TCGplayer shirts?" There's a lot to unpack in answering that question, but the tl;dr is that we don't sell t-shirts with our own branding on them because we don't really sell anything. TCGplayer is a marketplace.  For the uninitiated, that means that TCGplayer exists as an online platform (read: website) for folks to sell their cards on. Most of the time, these "folks" are actually local game store (we'll use the much more manageable "LGS" going forward) owners looking for another revenue stream for their inventory besides their storefront.

TCGplayer doesn't sell anything. Our network of stores do.

Part of what makes working for TCGplayer so rewarding is how much good it does for local communities. From my time working at an LGS while I was in undergrad, I know that sometimes the number of singles a storefront acquires can be almost as much as the number of singles sold in a given week. This is especially true if your store has a good reputation in the local community for being competitive with their buylist pricing. TCGplayer, along with Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and more, helps keep cash flowing into LGSes, allowing them to keep acquiring more and more cards.

Even if your LGS is closed right now, they might still fulfill orders on our marketplace. Here's how to find your LGS on TCGplayer:

1. Head over to the Search Results page for your game of choice. For me, it's Magic, so I'd go over to https://shop.tcgplayer.com/magic/product/show, but if Yu-Gi-Oh! is your jam, just replace "magic" in the url with "yugioh" — https://shop.tcgplayer.com/yugioh/product/show.

2. Over in the left rail, click the Find a Seller button.

3. Search for your storefront by name. My personal storefront is called ThicketBasiliskLure, a joke I shamelessly stole from the best Magic article ever written. Trust me, Yu-Gi-Oh! friends—it's a good one. 

4. A link to your LGS's TCGplayer seller account should appear under the header "Sellers." Click the big ol' "Shop This Seller" button. 

5. Boom—you're shopping for my singles. It's that easy. 


There's no shortage of ways you can support your LGS, even when the act of leaving your home cuts against state-recommended guidelines. In the absence of being able to buy cards, even a kind word of encouragement on your LGSes Facebook wall can go a long way.

See you soon.