The Cyber Strike Structure arrived last week, bringing a budget reprint of Infinite Impermanence to the masses!

…Sort of! The new Super Rare Infinite Impermanence spent the bulk of last week selling for roughly $9.50 a copy. It's down to $8 as of this writing, but if your reaction to that is something like, "Hey, that's basically the MSRP of the Structure Deck," you're not wrong. The Structure itself is still going for a steady $14 to $15, and with Konami being upfront about the inability to meet demand for Yu-Gi-Oh products right now, many players are ponying up, since it's unclear when more Structure Decks will hit stores.

The result was big demand for key Cyber Dragon cards this week, both singles from Cyber Strike, and key cards from previous releases.

At the same time, big singles from the 2021 Tin of Ancient Battles continued to dominate the best-seller lists, with Dogmatika and Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder still hot, even as one or two other fan-favorites snuck in big sales. With no further ado, here are the Top 11 best-sellers from the TCGplayer Marketplace this week.

Yes, we're doing a Top 11. That's because…

#11 Crossout Designator

Yes, after dipping to $60 a few days ago, Crossout Designator surged to $65, then fell again to prices as low as $55. Despite this being a staple in numerous competitive decks moving forward, from a giant set where it's commonly a one-per-case pull, Designator still continues to dip in value as many players continue to take a wait-and-see approach on its importance to tournament play.

A great deal of hesitancy's probably owed to the card's performance at tournaments like the last PPT Origins tournament and the October Yu-Gi-Oh Extravaganza, where Crossout Designator was underrepresented. A number of trends are at work right now that are allowing players to hold off on purchasing Designator, and it seems like every couple days you wait, you save another few dollars. Doug did a really great video last week outlining some of the factors at work: Drytron players can make do without Designator because they can play through Nibiru, the Primal Being on their own; slower decks are dropping hand traps altogether, making Crossout Designator a non-option; and trap decks in particular are on the rise, something Hanko mentioned in his latest article.

All of those factors are very real, but I think the supposed failure of Crossout Designator is being exaggerated by the circumstances. The reality is that lots of players couldn't get their copies in time for those few big tournaments we've had since its release; others just didn't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a playset, after already spending hundreds for stuff like Triple Tactics Talent and Forbidden Droplet. People were gambling that patience would pay off, and sure enough, it has.

But now, demand is starting to return, and at an average price for the week at about $65, Crossout Designator sold almost as many copies as the Number 10 best-selling card, which cost less than three bucks. That card was…

#10 Animadorned Archosaur

Yes, interest is rising in Dinosaurs once again! Yigit Oker made the Top 16 at the October Extravaganza with a Scrap Dino build, and the reveal of Uradora of Fate had players talking about Ultimate Conductor Tyranno once again. Animadorned Archosaur was the first of several cards that took Dinosaurs from a budget powerhouse to a much more expensive strategy, and now that it's something like one twentieth of its former all-time high, those players who were once budget Dino fans are scooping up their copies.

#9 Dogmatika Punishment

Dogmatika's been the biggest winner out of MP21 ever since release week, and once again, the theme's three biggest cards all made the Top 10. Dogmatika Punishment an integral part of bigger Dogmatika strategies, but also a key part of the splashable engine. That engine's one of the big reasons trap decks in general are making a comeback, offering free, searchable monster destruction in tandem with Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous. Some players are upgrading their copies of Dogmatika Punishment to the Prismatic Secret Rare, while others are picking up Dogmatika for the first time, thanks to the dramatic price reduction of the reprints.

#8 Piercing the Darkness

The last group of cards that hit the ground running from MP21 and just never stopped, are the three new support cards for Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician. The sheer level of demand for these cards is becoming pretty incredible; prices have been all over the place, but even as the card fluctuates between $2 and $5, it's done nothing to slow demand. People who want it are just buying it, regardless of the moment-to-moment shifts in the market.

#7 Nadir Servant

Load your graveyard, get Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous, get Dogmatika Punishment, control the game for free… You know the routine by now. I think the only real question about Nadir Servant is whether it'll go to 1-per-deck in January. It's Limited in the OCG, but it also plays into some upcoming releases, so it's definitely a toss-up. For now, its price is varying pretty wildly between $15 and $20, and again, players don't seem to care; the current price is just such a vast improvement from where it once was.

#6 Magician's Salvation

Also huge since the Tin of Ancient Battles dropped, Magician's Salvation is really a very good piece of support for the Dark Magician theme. It works to solve a lot of the problems of Eternal Soul, making it far less risky to play, and while it still won't be enough to make Dark Magician a consistent competitor, I really wouldn't be surprised if we saw a Dark Magician deck or two sneak into the Top 8s of upcoming Remote Duel Regionals.

It could happen.

#5 Cyber Dragon Sieger

Structure Deck: Cyber Strike omitted Cyber Dragon Sieger, and if you're wondering how many players are buying copies of the Structure for the actual Cyber Dragon cards, well, here's your answer; Cyber Dragon Sieger an Extra Deck staple for the strategy, and lots of people were picking it up this week to flesh out their newly-purchased Structure Decks.

#4 Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous

Last up for Dogmatika, Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous is the lynchpin to the theme, and her appearance as a Prismatic Secret Rare in MP21's been consistent as one of the release's biggest hits. Expect to see Dogmatika everywhere at your locals and Remote Duel Regionals, and be sure to prepare accordingly.

#3 True Light

True Light was Number 4 on the countdown last week, but it was Number 3 this time around, as demand remains static and strong for the new Duel Monsters support. This card is just stupid-fun; the chance to search for all of those wacky BEWD support cards that have been released over the years is a blast, and for $2.50 a pop it seems like a ton of Blue-Eyes White Dragon fans are coming out of the woodwork to grab their copies.

#2 Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder

It's almost a joke at this point, but once again, Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder is in the Number 2 spot. Featuring big-time in Tri-Brigade and Drytron, it's also a star in a variety of rogue decks, and all despite the loss of Zoodiacs from top table competition. Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder seems to be sinking toward the $12 mark, and so long as that price keeps sliding it's going to keep bumping into new levels of buyers.

#1 Infinite Impermanence

The only Yu-Gi-Oh product that outsold Infinite Impermanence on TCGplayer this week was Structure Deck: Cyber Strike itself. Even at an average price of more than nine dollars, players were totally willing to bite the bullet en masse to get their playset.

Right now, with Konami's product schedule so packed with different releases through the start of December, it doesn't seem like we'll see a reprint of Cyber Strike anytime soon. That makes it really unlikely that we'd see a significant price dip on this card, and if Cyber Strike goes the way of Structure Deck: Soulburner the smart money says to buy Impermanence now, before it looks more like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

What else was big this week? Cyberdark Realm came in at Number 12, and it's really interesting to see so much interest in the actual Cyberdark side of the Zane split. Cyberdark Chimera finished the week at Number 15, too. Meanwhile Triple Tactics Talent was Number 13, with players committing hard at the sustained $40 price point, so expect it to continue to be increasingly popular. Finally, Chaos Ruler, the Chaotic Magical Dragon was hot at Number 14, as Dragon Link just keeps winning tournaments.

That's all for today, but I'll be back in one week to look at presale numbers from product-hover id="240556"! Don't miss it.