I know you want to see the card. And I'm going to show you the card. And if you respond the same way I did, you are going to say, "Okay, that seems nice," and immediately click away to the next preview. Just stay with me for a second, and I promise you'll discover that Najeela, the Blade-Blossom is a LOT better than you think she is.

Now you read that and decided that it was a 3/2 that brings a 1/1 token when it attacks. It is a good value card that can lead a five-color Warrior theme deck, but you'll rarely have the WUBRG needed to do all that crazy stuff.

Let's break the card down just a little bit.

Part 1 – I see Red

Let's ignore the WUBRG ability for a minute. Players tend to see that and assume whatever the card does, it will rarely happen, so let's see what the card is like without that ability. The first ability says "Whenever a Warrior attacks…" This means if Najeela and another Warrior attack, you can create two tokens. This isn't just when Najeela attacks, it is whenever a Warrior attacks. So if you have Rushblade Commander out already, Najeela, the Blade-Blossom and the Rushblade can attack and you would bring in two tokens. That's seven power over four creatures, on turn three.

The ability also says, "Whenever a Warrior attacks…" That means this works when your partner attacks. Or, if you are playing Commander, that means that if an opponent is attacking another opponent with a Warrior, you can give them an extra Warrior Token. That's right, it isn't just when you attack!

Finally, keep in mind the tokens don't leave the battlefield at the end of combat or the end of the turn. They stick around. And the tokens are Warriors, so on your next combat phase, you could have two Warriors attacking, which would create two more tokens. You can see how even without looking at the WUBRG ability, this card is powerful and fun for multiplayer games!

With all these tokens that you are making cards like Cryptolith Rite can come into play as well. Turning all your tokens into creatures that can tap for any color mana can really ramp you into some crazy rainbow shenanigans!

Part 2 – Taste the Rainbow!

So Najeela is freaking awesome as just a red creature, but what happens if you get WUBRG? Just so we're clear, getting WUBRG in your Two-Headed Giant games just isn't going to be that difficult. The games tend to last a full hour so there will be multiple turns, meaning plenty of draw steps to find all the land you need to pay for the ability. If you are playing Commander, you have all the cards in Magic to run a five-color mana base, so don't tell me that you can't do it. Just ask your friends who have built Jodah recently, or some of the older five-color commanders how best to build the mana base and you'll discover that you'll be hitting your five colors earlier than you thought.

Let me paint this scenario for you. After I'm done, go back through it and decide where you think I wander into Magical Christmasland.

You attack an opponent who left himself open for a turn with just Najeela. You get an extra Warrior. You activate Najeela's ability and attack again, this time with Najeela and the Warrior Token you got from attacking on the last combat phase, getting two more Warriors.

That wasn't Magical Christmasland at all, was it? All you needed was an open opponent, mana and Najeela. You hit for 10 damage and gained 10 life! Now what if you had Anointed Procession, Parallel Lives, Doubling Season, or Primal Vigor on the battlefield? Anyone who is using Najeela as their commander would probably want to include ways to double their tokens right? Even adding one of these cards to the scenario doesn't make it Magical Christmasland, since you are simply adding a single card from your deck to the example.

With any one of those cards, you are hitting for 16 damage and gaining 16 life.

How about instead of a token doubler, we try Helm of the Host? Now we are attacking with two Najeelas, so we get two tokens for every Warrior that is attacking, so four Warrior Tokens. On the next combat step, Helm of the Hosts creates another Najeela token, so every attacking Warrior means three more tokens. You'll end combat with 25 tokens and three Najeelas on the battlefield!

Oh, did I mention the 44 damage and 44 life you gained? And that was with just Najeela, Helm of the Host and WUBRG mana.

I know that have twice the WUBRG mana is getting silly, but what about that Cryptolith Rites I mentioned earlier? If you can use cast the initial WUBRG, any of The Warriors that survived the attack are now sitting there untapped and they have haste. If you tap five of them you have WUBRG again and could do whatever you just did all over again. I'm not saying that this could be some kind of loop that would let you attack again and again, since that would involve needing several Warriors to survive each combat so five more can be tapped to add WUBRG mana, but even if you could only swing for a third time in one turn, you could probably do a whole lot of damage and gain an awful lot of life!

A lot of what I've described so far involves attacking with just Najeela, the Blade-Blossom. If you are building your deck round Najeela, there are going to be times when you'll be attacking with multiple Warriors. There are going to be times when you attack and Beastmaster Ascension kicks in. Sacrificing a single Warrior Token every turn doesn't seem like a horrible price to pay for Eldrazi Monument either. Either of these options, paired with Najeela and WUBRG mana becomes just miserable for your opponents. And all of this is sort of assuming you aren't even going to try to build a warrior themed deck!

Part 3 – The Warrior

I'm not sure what shooting at the walls of heartache has to do with being The Warrior, but a five-color Warrior themed deck comes with a LOT of options. When you see the deck I put together below, you are going to wonder where your favorite warrior is and all I can tell you is that you will not be suffering to find warriors to fill your decklist! I will share a few options that I particularly like.

Lovisa Coldeyes

No deck can be called a Warrior deck without Lovisa Coldeyes. The joy of Najeela, is that Lovisa can now take her proper place as part of the 99 and let you gather Warriors from every color!

Boldwyr Intimidator

Remember how I was picking on the player with no blockers in my examples? With Boldwyr Intimidator, the most carefully built pillow fort crumbles as their creatures suddenly become Cowards, and everyone knows Cowards can't block Warriors. The Intimidator and Najeela together are going to make a lot of battlefields look like a post-battle scene from Game of Thrones.

Kindred Charge

I like this card, but I'm not 100% sold on it for this deck yet. For six mana you are getting a sorcery that does what Najeela already does. I'm hoping this will work for those times when you don't have the WUBRG mana. Copy The Warriors you have on the battlefield with Kindred Charge, then attack and double your attackers! With only three creatures to start, you end up attacking with 12 and keeping all but the three tokens you made with Kindred Charge once the turn ends.

Jazal Goldmane

There are going to be plenty of times when your puny 1/1 tokens simply die during the attack. Jazal helps that along. With Jazal, Najeela, and say one other Warrior are attacking, you get three tokens. Jazal's ability gives each of them +6/+6 until the end of the turn. Your tokens suddenly become creatures that absolutely must be blocked! Now if you happen to have 10 mana and can follow up that attack with WUBRG mana, you'll have 12 creatures attacking, giving all the new Warriors +12/+12, and all the creatures that attacked in the first round +18/+18! I know this is well into the "never gonna happen" range, but the chance that it could will keep Jazal in my Warrior decks!

So about that deck:

There are some glaring issues with the deck, but this isn't meant to be a finely tuned Commander deck for you to copy and beat your friends. This deck is offering ideas and displaying options for a possible Warrior build. I pushed a Warrior Token theme to play off Najeela, the Blade-Blossom. You might choose to focus on a couple of colors and go that route. Perhaps an Elf Warrior theme with Najeela there to boost the attack totals is more your style. Perhaps you want a more Tarkir-focused Mardu Warrior deck. The real joy with Najeela is that she can bring The Warrior theme all on her own. If you Opt to just run plenty of ways to control the board, leave a path open for her, or whatever deck you choose to build, Najeela will be there to provide the beatdown portion of the deck. And all of this is without any of The Warrior cards that promise to be in Battlebond!

With all the options available, I look forward to seeing a wide variety of Najeela decks coming to kitchen tables all across the Commander community!

Bruce Richard