Wish everything always stayed the same? You've come to the wrong place.

Events in the Decks tab

We promised more features were coming to the Decks tab, and we've taken our first step in making good on that promise. You can now browse events within the Decks tab.

On the Magic side, use the dropdown to switch between formats.

"More by this author" sidebar

If you read Infinite articles on desktop, you will notice a component on the right side of your browser with links to other articles by that author.

Clickable event and player names within embedded decks

Say you're looking at a deck in an article and want to see more decks by that player. No problem: now you just need to click on their name.

The same goes if you want to see other lists from an event.

Simplified hamburger menu

If you're browsing on mobile, we've streamlined the menu at the top. Tap the game you want to read about and you'll go right there. If you want to filter further from there, you can use the options at the top of the game's landing page.

We've got even more updates in the works for our Decks tab, so look out for them in future releases.