Like a fine wine, TCGplayer Infinite gets better every day. Here's what we improved most recently.

Faster, more accurate search

By using a new method to score results, we've cut down drastically on the number of errors you'll encounter when searching for articles.

Easier navigation on desktop

For desktop users, we got rid of the hamburger menu and moved the games we cover to the top-level navigation. Now it's faster and easier to switch between the Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh pages.

Format filters persist across all non-search locations on the site

On the Magic page you already had the option to filter articles by format. Now, your preference will stay consistent across other pages too.

If you say you're just interested in Commander, for example, Infinite will remember that across the homepage, vertical pages, and the decks page.

Oh yeah, we have a Decks page.

New Decks page

Both the Magic or Yu-GI-Oh pages have a new sub-page called Decks. This page is still in progress, so look out for more updates in the future.