Recently, Ali Aintrazi, a content producer for, engaged in behavior that does not align with TCGplayer's Core Values, specifically Community for All.

Ali shared his statement publicly on Facebook. And, over the weekend, the individual he harmed shared her details and perspective on the harm caused. We encourage you to carefully read their words, and thoughtfully understand her perspective as a trans women in our community.

With the additional details and understanding of the situation, we have decided to suspend content production with Ali for an indeterminate period of time.

TCGplayer's Timeline and Actions

Shortly after the event, Ali reached out to inform me of his behavior and the on-site consequences thereof. He expressed his thoughtful remorse, but indicated he did not know what next steps to take. He also offered to write an unpaid article for in order to express his remorse and growing understanding around his behavior.

As Content Director, I recommended he both reach out to trans members of the Magic community in order to understand their perspective and insight into the harm he caused, as well as share his informed thoughts personally through his large Facebook presence. The goals of these recommendations were to put him in touch with those that can speak from the perspective of trans women in the community (something I cannot do) as well as ensure his post was sincere, without timing, editing and influence through our internal content procedures or the appearance of company PR generation.

As Amanda had indicated to Ali that she may contact TCGplayer directly, I respected her agency to choose whether she would or not. As she noted in her article, she chose not to and her perspective was not shared with us at that time.

Ali published his post without TCGplayer's knowledge or guidance. His words are his own, and represent his initial steps to acknowledging the harm his behavior inflicted.

Shortly thereafter, Amanda published her article and learned additional perspective through her words. With more information and clarity of the harm caused, the decision to suspend Ali from content production was made.

After the decision was made I reached out to Ali to inform him, understand the next steps he will choose to do, and direct him to more resources for growth and development both within the Magic community as well as outside.

Tournament rules and event policies and procedures are beyond TCGplayer's ability to determine. We challenge both employees (like myself) and external producers (like Ali) to not just adhere to but understand what values such as Community for All mean. Addressing failure to align to our values is a process that requires time, and as such we will direct Ali to use it to its fullest.

TCGplayer's Next Steps

Ali will continue to be challenged to understand the harm he caused and to grow into the values holds. We will reevaluate our decision to suspend his content production at a later time.

We have also disabled comments on this statement. This statement is not meant for discussion or debate. We have shared the facts and decisions around Ali as a representative of, the values we hold as a company, and the sequence of events internally that led to the decision to suspend his content production.

Thank you for your consideration.

Adam Styborski
Content Manager,