This deck lies somewhere between "synergy" and "combo." Instead of committing to a theme like Elementals or a single game-winning interaction, it takes a potent card (Risen Reef) and wrings extra value from it in several different ways.



The result is a pile of mini-combos that add up to take over the game. Say you cast Bloodbraid Elf with Risen Reef in play and hit Seasoned Pyromancer. Pyromancer makes two Elemental tokens while you cycle two cards and trigger the Reef twice. If you also have Lotus Cobra in play and those Reef triggers hit a land and a Flamekin Harbinger, you can play Harbinger with the Cobra mana, putting another Reef on top of your library before immediately drawing it with Harbinger's Reef trigger.

That's an optimistic scenario, but it happens more often than you'd think with all the volatile elements in this deck. You're never sure when the deck will boil over like a chemical experiment, drenching your lab coat with unexpected value.

(Oko is here too, but only because he's broken.)







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