For most of their history the Ojamas were used to troll friends and foes due to the...well, let's say "interesting" design of the cards. But they HAVE seen a bit of competitive play with ABC-Dragon Buster due to support cards that let you toss your Ojamas to search out more playable cards in your deck. In this week's video, not only is MBT presenting a deck built upon Chazz Princeton's favorite themes, but he's adding the Tribrigade to help power up this mish-mash monstrosity.

The key to the strategy is flooding the board with Ojamas via Ojama Red, using them for the Link 4 of the day and then bringing in the Tribrigade to banish the Ojamas for a second Link-4. If everything goes perfectly, your first turn could end on a field of Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess, Tribrigade Shrike the Wicked Wings, and ABC-Dragon Buster. Check out the video to see if this deck's chaotic energy is enough to win, or if there are simply 'too many themes in the kitchen' for this deck to function!

While this deck can't hold up against Eldlich the Golden Lord, it's certainly a lot of fun to watch your opponent scratch their head in confusion when you play Ojama Red! Almost any hand can create plays in a number of ways, giving you more options than other Tribrigade builds. While most Tribrigade strategies lead with pitching Fractaur and Navel, this deck has more ways to get Navel into your graveyard to further your Tribrigade plans. The only downside is having to explain to your opponent why you normal summoned an Ojama Yellow.