There comes a time in every player's life where they open a Charmer and say to themselves: "I'm going to be the one to make these competitive". While other decks like Subterror Guru and Shaddoll Falco have improved upon the flip effect theme over time, Charmers slowly moved into a weird strategy where each individual Charmer granted boons to their Attribute, making it difficult to play several different Charmers at once. But the Charmers may finally have their chance to shine! Sructure Deck: Spirit Charmers is headed our way in October, which means MBT must now ask himself the same question: can these cards work in a competitive deck?

By pairing Familiar-Possessed - Dharc and Familiar-Possessed - Lyna with Dragma, a new theme coming in Rise of the Duelist next month, it becomes really easy to string together Special Summons and search out the more powerful half of the strategy. Check out the video below to find out if this powerful mashup can go undefeated, or if the Charmer support's just not enough to make it modern Yu-Gi-Oh.

Eldlich the Golden Lord remains one of the toughest decks to beat right now, at least until it takes possible hits in September. But if our Charmers and Dragmas can go toe-to-toe with the top strategies, then this could be the one that takes over local metagames. Giving Charmers a boss monster - even if that monster's completely separate from the core theme itself - lets them battle it out in modern play. And while Dragmas won't hit the TCG for another month, now's a great time to get ahead of the curve and start picking up support cards, before they spike.