Genesis Impact doesn't release until December, but that doesn't mean you can't still be HYPE for the absolute best archetype of all time! This week's Ten Minute Testing is all about the "v-tuber-by-day slash international-super-criminal-by-night" duo of Kisikil and Lilla.

This theme's built upon the two titular characters, Evil★Twin Kisikil and Evil★Twin Lilla, who can always find one another no matter how many turns deep you are. They use a strong Cyberse-type support strategy to get themselves into play, ready to launch their capers. Check out the video below to see if MBT can steal enough wins to be set for life, or if he'll have to live off of ad-revenue from another Cwarantine series!

If art imitating life imitating art isn't your thing, Genesis Impact is still crammed with awesome new goodies to come later this year! While new releases may be delayed for the moment, this Winter will throw the Yu-Gi-Oh community a ton of curveballs! Make sure you're ahead of the game by keeping up on all the latest Ten Minute Testings on MBT's Youtube channel!