Phantom Rage comes out in November, bringing with it one of the coolest themes of the year: Tribrigade. The Tribrigade aims to solve one of the big glaring issues with monster type:  that there are so few differences between so many of them, in this case Beasts, Beast-Warriors and Winged Beasts. Tribrigades accomplish that by creating lines of play that focus on Special Summoning different types of monsters and banishing them from the graveyard to get to powerful Links of those types.

While each of the three types is represented by a Link Monster in the Tribrigade, the true strength of their summoning abilities lie in skipping the summoning conditions of Links wiith powerful effects, like Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty. Zoodiac works perfectly with the searching abilities of Tribrigade and can also be banished to summon Link Monsters. Check out today's featured video to see if MBT can help the Tribrigade soar above the competition.

Tribrigade has a very powerful line of play sending Tribrigade Fractaur to the graveyard, sending Tribrigade Navel as well and searching Tribrigrade Ceras to hand. That lets you start the game with, a Link 2 monster in play at the very least, before you use any other cards. Fire Formation - Tenki operates as another copy of Fractaur, so you always have access to the entire line of play, leaving the rest of your deck open to handle problems that the Link 4 Tribrigade Shrike the Wicked Wings can't. Zoodiac Drident remains the same powerhouse it's always been, but now that the Tribrigade offers a bit more of a front line the deck might finally rise again to take the crown from Eldlich the Golden Lord!