This week we saw the impact of product-hover id="243710", and today we're looking at the best-selling cards from the release.

While BROL's drawn a lot of mixed responses, largely due to what appears to be short printing of key cards like Forbidden Droplet and Magicians' Souls, the set's still triggered lots of price drops for some really expensive cards. It's effectively democratized a bunch of fan-favorites and brought them into more reasonable price ranges.

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At the same time the set also released two surprise chase cards, one of which is doing pretty well, while the other drops like a sack of rocks tied to an anchor and thrown into the ocean. What price will product-hover id="256385" stabilize at? Can the product-hover id="256290" actually keep falling? Those are just two of the big questions surrounding product-hover id="243710" right now.

For now we'll look at the best-selling cards of the week, all of which came from BROL. As always, we'll go by unique purchases, so if one person decides to whale out on 500 copies of Kuribeh you can rest easy, knowing it won't distort the data.

#10 Nibiru, the Primal Being

If I was making a Top 10 list of must-own cards for tournament Yu-Gi-Oh, you've gotta believe Nibiru, the Primal Being would be on there. The original Secret Rare from the 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin is still $16, the Premium Gold Rare from last year's Maximum Gold is $13, and this new Secret is slightly cheaper.

With more and more players coming back to competition with the return of in-person events, and starting in January the in-person Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series, lots of competitors are playing catch-up with Nibiru, the Primal Being. It's always been a card you need to play around at all times, and that fact isn't changing.

#9 Allure of Darkness

Allure of Darkness doesn't really see play right now, but it was an integral tournament card from the Dark Armed Dragon Return era on forward, and it's been a popular pick ever since. If you had to pick up a playset over the last couple of years you were probably paying three or four bucks for a common, or a little more for a Super Rare; until now, the highest rarity printings were the original Ultra Rare and Ultimate Rare from Phantom Darkness, with the Ultra rare alone costing a blinding $30. Ouch.

But the product-hover id="243710" Ultra Rare? That's $2.50, and it's a huge opportunity for anyone looking to foil up their Edison format deck, or looking to relive the bad old days of TeleDAD. It sold like hotcakes.

#8 Stealth Kragen Spawn & Evil HERO Malicious Bane

These two cards tied for the Number 8 spot, with the exact same number of unique orders. Stealth Kragen Spawn anchors a trending strategy we'll talk about a bit later. But for now, consider the Evil HERO Malicious Bane reprint. This card was $175 in October, and it was an Ultra Rare. Now you can get a Secret Rare for under $20. This actually might be one of the most high-impact reprints of the year.

#7 Evil HERO Adusted Gold

Demand for Evil HERO Adusted Gold was huge too, narrowly edging out Evil HERO Malicious Bane. Again, Evil HERO Adusted Gold was almost $200 back in September, and now the new Secret Rare's less than $20. We've started to see pure Hero decks topping Regionals, so it'll be interesting to see if this card starts appearing in real competition now that its price isn't halfway to the moon.

#6 Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju

Kaiju always have tournament potential since they're a convenient answer to non-targetable and indestructible monsters, but the bad news is that if you wanted to play this one, Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju, you always had to settle for a common or regular rare. Now that's not the case, with the cheapest copy of Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju being the new Ultra Rare upgrade.

This card saw surprising levels of speculation this week, with the average buy quantity being close to four copies. Investors seem to be banking on the notion that this card could double or triple in value given enough time, and I don't think it's a bad bet. We're not likely to see another printing of Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju anytime soon, and Kaiju are never totally out of the competitive scene.

#5 Number 4: Stealth Kragen

Water control decks are really getting more discussion these days, including here on Infinite. Hanko discussed an Atlantean Mermail deck with Deep Sea Diva, Deep Sea Artisan and Deep Sea Minstrel just this week in his article about Small World, and Right-Hand Shark made the cut in Loukas's look at The 10 Cards Everybody Wants From Brothers of Legend. People are really on the lookout for new Water tech right now, and that's led right here, to Number 4: Stealth Kragen hitting the Top 5 on the salescharts.

Number 4: Stealth Kragen got several different effects, including one that keeps you bouncing between it, and copies of Stealth Kragen Spawn thanks to free Special Summon. But its biggest asset may be its effect that turns everything into Water monsters, and the interaction it has with Gozen Match. Robbie Kohl featured a deck built around that synergy earlier this week, and I think that may have been the biggest factor driving players to grab this card.

That said, Number 4: Stealth Kragen also very promising for Marincess and Shark decks too, so there were lots of reasons for the Kragens to see some hype. They're cheap to pick up as well, which definitely helps draw in early adopters.

#4 Downerd Magician

No surprise here, Downerd Magician proving to be one of the hottest reprints from product-hover id="243710", due to a stunningly low price tag and widespread play in some of the format's top decks. Looking at Regional Qualifiers, this card's topping in Drytron, Tri-Brigade, Floowandereeze, and even stuff like Live☆Twins and Phantom Knights. Just a month ago, you would've had to spend over $20 to get your hands on the cheapest printing of this card, and that means you would've had to settle for product-hover id="96902". Now that card's still $9, while you can get a crisp new Ultra Rare for a buck.

A LOT of people speculated on Downerd Magician this week, with the average buy being 3 or 4 copies. Since you'd only ever run one yourself, the demand's definitely a mix of players and investors.

#3 Relinquished Anima

Relinquished Anima isn't seeing much play right now, though it did appear in Leighton Hardy's 60-Card Gren Maju deck, which took him to the Top 8 of last weekend's One Up TCG Regional. That said, we've seen it before in decks like Cyber Dragons, Altergeist, Subterrors and Dinosaurs; it's definitely proven to be a competitive card since it dropped in Duel Overload last year. This was $5 for the original Ultra Rare, but now you can snag the Secret for under two bucks, and that made it a big hit this week.

#2 Red-Eyes Fusion

Essential for Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, Red-Eyes Fusion has become a huge card in competitive Yu-Gi-Oh, and up until product-hover id="243710" it only came as a Super Rare a common. BROL printed it as an Ultra Rare, which is now the cheapest version of the card at a Market Price just over $1.25, and lots of players took the opportunity to pick up a playset. It may be a long while before we see Red-Eyes Fusion printed as a Secret Rare or better, and until that happens this is going to be the max rarity version.

#1 Wing Requital

Finally, the Number 1 card of the week proved that players really like two things: birds, and Pot of Greed. We haven't seen this in a Regional Top Cut yet, but this is basically just Pot of Greed for Lyrilusc, Harpies, Floowandereeze and anything else that can field two Wind monsters, and for a Market Price of about three dollars, that's an absolute steal.

Looking beyond the Top 10, we saw strong demand for Altergeist Pookuery at Number 11, D - Force at Number 12, Right-Hand Shark at Number 13, Kuribabylon at Number 14, and Astral Kuriboh at Number 15. Take note of Right Hand Shark and Astral Kuriboh: both are seeing play right now to set up brickwall plays with Number 59: Crooked Cook, creating a monster that's unaffected by other card effects, and can't be destroyed by battle.

With that combo appearing in several different strategies in the last week, try and be prepared with some kind of answer that fits your strategy. Nobody wants to get locked down under the meal prep version of Apoqliphort Towers, but it can happen if you aren't prepared.