Like the opening scenes in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, everyone in the Pokémon community will soon be making a mad dash to every retailer looking for Celebrations packs to open. If you've been keeping up with what you can find in the Celebrations set, you already know that there are two sets of cards to be found in these four-card boosters: normal Celebrations cards and the Classic Collection. Though each sub-set only has 25 cards each, some of these cards are already being listed for anywhere between $6 and $600!

Today's article is all about the top 10 cards you'll want to keep an eye out for when cracking your Pokémon Celebrations packs. The set has so many cards from different points in the Pokémon TCG's history that keeping track of everything can be difficult. That is why we're here to help you determine what cards can be set to the side and what cards you should sleeve, double-sleeve, and even triple-sleeve as soon as you open them!

#10: Pikachu

As the featured mascot for the entire Pokémon brand, Pikachu has always been an incredibly well-loved character. The Base Set Pikachu is no exception here and was commonly found in playground games or shown off in binders across the world.

The Pikachu in Celebrations is the same card as product-hover id="42402", with the same moves, but this time it has been extended to be a full art holo rare (similar to some of the cards we saw in Cosmic Eclipse) with a couple of touch-ups, including a Caterpie Poké-friend. Although the 25th anniversary sticker looks a bit out of place, this card is a must-have for any Pokémon collector.

#9: Professor's Research (Full Art)

The Professors of the Pokémon world have long been a part of the Trading Card Game and originally each professor was represented on their own card with the same effect: "discard your hand and draw 7 cards." Since the beginning of the Sword/Shield era, we've started to see a singular card, Professor's Research, that could represent any professor. So far, we've seen Professor's Research (Professor Magnolia) (swsh1-178), Professor's Research (swsh45-60), and Professor's Research (swshp-SWSH178) represented on cards. In Celebrations, however, we finally get to see the professor that started our journeys over 20 years ago on Professor's Research!

Professor Oak is one of the most popular NPCs in the Pokémon world, so seeing him in full art form on Professor's Research is amazing! Full Art supporters can typically maintain a price tag between $20 and $50 depending on the character's popularity, and as one of the most popular characters, Professor Oak will definitely be worth it if you manage to get a full art copy.

#8: ______'s Pikachu

The original Happy Birthday Pikachu is one of the most interesting and oldest promo cards. The Wizards Black Star Promos were the original set of promo cards created by Wizards of the Coast back before they lost the Pokémon license and represent a time period where a large majority of Pokémon hobbyists were still in elementary or middle school. The original card was only obtainable via a mail campaign that involved sending in letters of custom Pokémon cards, and were very... unique due to the write-in fields on the card that allow you to name it as "your Pikachu."

By today's standards, a lot of these cards were damaged by kids writing their name in pen or marker on the card, and finding an unmarked version is still worth a couple hundred dollars. For collectors that missed the original printing of the card, Celebrations offers a piece of conciliation cake by having new copies of the card that you can treat like you had all along.

#7: Dark Gyarados

In the spring of 2000, the Team Rocket set unleashed a terrifying new mechanic onto playgrounds around North America: the Dark Pokémon.

84573|| 84584|| 84647

The set introduced a lot of menacing and aggressive Pokémon that represented the evil of the Team Rocket Gang. Gyarados was normally an aggressive and scary Pokémon to run into, so product-hover id="84606" was an even more terrifying foe to face. It's Pokémon Power, Final Beam, lets it lash out at its opponents while in its death throes, making it even more fearsome in battle. For the collector that wants everything Team Rocket, Dark Gyarados in holofoil is a perfect addition to the collection.

#6: Mew EX

During various points in time, the Pokémon TCG had its own unique region, Holon, that was full of people looking for the 151st Pokémon: Mew. Mew is such an elusive Pokémon that the entire EX Legend Maker set was focused on finding the Pokémon in the Mirage Forest.

Like its later card adaptations, product-hover id="87409" had a unique ability that allowed it to use the attacks of any other Pokémon in play. For players, this meant that a Mew EX could fit into nearly any deck without disrupting the deck's strategies. One such deck, Jason Klaczynski's Mewtrick, found huge success and won the 2006 World Championship for players 15 and over.

Mew is a fan-favorite Pokémon as one of the first Mythic Pokémon in existence, and this card's illustrious time in the TCG make this an excellent card to open.

#5: Blastoise

Blastoise is the final evolution of one of the first three starter Pokémon in the original games and is even the cover Pokémon for Pokémon Blue. For players that chose Squirtle, Blastoise was the end-game Pokémon they wanted that would help them dominate the Elite Four and beat the game.

In the original Base Set of the Pokémon TCG, the three starter evolutions remain to this day the most exclusive and sought-after cards. Although not as popular as its fire-breathing sibling, product-hover id="42360" remains a popular Pokémon and there is guaranteed at least one person in your friend group that will want this card more than any other.

#4: Venusaur

Just like the other two, Venusaur remains popular today as the original Grass starter in Pokémon. While Venusaur doesn't have the fire-breathing powers or large water cannons of Charizard and Blastoise, product-hover id="42355" had its own beauty due to the vibrant colors of the flower on their back.

Each of the starter evolutions in Celebrations will carry a decent price tag over the months as packs are opened and no longer out in the wild, and most collectors will be looking to pick up at least one of each to make a set. The prices of Venusaur and Blastoise are likely to fluctuate depending on the number of copies in circulation and on the market, so which one is better to open is up for debate. On this list, however, we're Team Venusaur all the way!

#3: Umbreon Star

Over 15 years ago, the Pokémon Organized Play (POP) program managed all organized play and gave rewards to players that played in events throughout the individual quarters of each year. One such reward were the POP packs. These were small packs with only two cards, which helped re-introduce cards to the game and also import cards that were previously only available in Japan. While a lot of the cards in these POP packs were underwhelming, some of them were incredibly valuable, and the most sought after card in all the POP packs was the product-hover id="90153" card.

Even today, Umbreon Star is one of the most valuable cards in the TCG's history and is worth over $1500. While very few collectors will ever have the money (or luck) to find an original Umbreon Star, the Celebrations version of the card is a nice way to still have a piece of Pokémon history.

#2: Base Set Charizard

To the surprise of literally no one, the classic collection Charizard is already one of the most popular cards to open from a Celebrations pack. product-hover id="42382" is an incredibly popular card, and the sale of a PSA 10 Base Set Charizard was part of the galvanizing force that caused the Pokémon boom during the pandemic. As the Pokémon whose popularity is second only to Pikachu, collecting every version of Charizard is a big part of opening packs for a lot of people. If you're opening your own packs, or watching someone open packs online, expect to be looking for this card a lot.

#1: Mew (Secret)

It isn't often that Charizard gets beaten for the top spot in a set, but this absolutely stunning shiny Mew might be able to keep the spot.

241875|| 127200|| 208450

The Gold Secret rares in the last few sets have been outstanding for collectors and players, as The Pokémon Company has followed the trend of other card games by reprinting desired cards at high rarity so players can have the shiniest deck at their local events. Not only is this Mew beautiful with its alternative color scheme, but its ability could definitely see play, much like the product-hover id="183881" product-hover id="226573" that became commonplace in the last year's format. Until we see the pull rate, it will be hard to estimate exactly how much this card will be worth, but it is guaranteed to be an exciting pull for anyone opening packs.

Almost every single card in Celebrations is exciting, and this set is going to be the coolest thing that everyone will want to open for the next few months. There are plenty of popular Pokémon for collectors, but there are also quite a few cards that offer a great look into how the TCG was played at different points in time. While the two sides of the Pokémon TCG community are typically split, this set could be the perfect time for collectors to learn more about what makes some of these cards special and for players to be able to share what they love about playing the game.

All in all, it is a great time to be a Pokémon fan!