When you think of Pokémon, who's the first one that comes to mind? Pikachu! And why wouldn't it? There's only 100+ versions of this shockingly cute icon.

With more unique cards than any other Pokémon, let's look at the five most expensive:

#5 Birthday Pikachu

Happy birthday, Pikachu! And if it's your birthday, make sure you have this card and your lucky coin on hand!

#4 PokeTour 1999 Promo Pikachu

Watch out—if you flip its tail, Pikachu's gonna Jolt itself!

#3 Misprint Promo Pikachu

Oops… Is that a 1st Edition stamp? How'd that get there...

#2 Pikachu Star

This Pikachu will have its opponent Paralyzed with fear.

#1 Pikachu VMAX Rainbow Rare

You may have to spend all your energy, but think of the MAX damage you'll do.