The Legendary Duelist: Magical Hero booster arrives on Friday, bringing lots of new high-profile cards like Magicians' Souls, Elemental HERO Liquid Soldier and Elemental HERO Sunrise, plus some useful reprints that could do work April 1st; stuff like Miracle Fusion and Jet Synchron. The set's biggest picks are already some of the first chase cards of 2020, and as we count down to the release those cards have created lots of discussion.

So what cards should YOU look out for? Which ones are hype, which are hits, and which could prove to be hidden gems? If you're looking for the answers to those questions, TheCaliEffect has the advice you need, as he takes full stock of the set's most promising cards. Check it out!



Which cards are YOUR biggest picks from Magical Hero? Are you Team Dark Magician or Team E-HERO? Let us know down in the comments.