Every time a new Structure Deck comes out, I always recommend to people to buy at least three copies. The best Structures have a way of rising in price over time, so getting a full playset of every card early is a good idea.  And hey, if you have three, maybe even use two of them to play some sealed games! It's a great way to have some fun and get to know the new cards.

Anyway, today we're gonna talk about the new Cyber Strike Structure Deck releasing everywhere tomorrow: product-hover id="240558".

If you're a fan of Duel Links and played Cyberdarks in that game, then I think you'll be a fan of this release! In the time that I played Duel Links, I remember having a deck built around Cyberdark Edge that aimed to attack directly every turn and do lots of damage. Of course, some really good cards were never available in Duel Links - stuff like Cyberdark Inferno. But it was still a really fun deck to play when the format was slower paced.

We've known everything that's in the new Structure Deck for a couple of weeks now, so let's look at the highlights, and talk about the best new cards, and the best reprints.

The New Cards

There's a whopping seven cards that debut in product-hover id="240558". They work really well with the unique Cyberdark strategy, making the theme more consistent, and introducing a defensive interruption as well; something the Cyberdark deck didn't have until now.

Before product-hover id="240558", Cyberdarks never had any real competitive potential.  The reason for that was simple, too: Cyberdarks were effectively just a beatdown deck. But now, the theme has a couple of new strategies and there are a few different ways to play it, ranging from sitting on a big boss monster king-of-the-hill style, or a control-based strategy that plays a tight resource management game.

So with no further ado, check out the new boss monster, Cyberdark End Dragon!

A combination of both Cyberdark Dragon and Cyber End Dragon, you can Fusion Summon Cyberdark End Dragon normally with a Fusion Spell, or Special Summon it by Contact Fusion. If you can tribute a Level 10 or lower Cyberdark Fusion Monster equipped with Cyber End Dragon, you can bring out Cyberdark End Dragon from your Extra Deck!

While it's on the field, Cyberdark End Dragon unaffected by your opponent's activated effects! That's really good when you combine it with its 5000 ATK.

Once per turn, it can also equip a monster from either player's graveyard. And unlike the rest of the Cyberdarks, Cyberdark End Dragon can equip a monster of any type! While it's equipped, it can attack a number of times equal to the number of equip cards it has. That adds up fast, and with a 5000 ATK body it's a lot of potential damage.

If you want to shortcut your Fusion Summon, you'll want to use Fusion Tag on one of your monsters to change its name to Cyberdark Dragon. Then use the equipped effect of Cyberdark Claw to send Cyber End Dragon from your Extra Deck to your graveyard. With those two Fusion Materials in place, you can leverage a fusion effect that lets you banish Cyber End Dragon from the graveyard: Overload Fusion fits the bill.

product-hover id="240558" also includes a new "Cyber" spell card called Cyber Eternal. When I first read it, I thought it was insane. Reviving a Fusion Monster like Cyber End Dragon ignoring its summoning conditions? Seemed like madness.

Unfortunately that's not the case with this card: you still have to properly Fusion Summon the monster first in order to Special Summon it with Cyber Eternal, so there's no big cheats here. But the protection effect this card provides in the graveyard is a nice bonus!

The new Cybernetic Horizon can also help you send Cyber End Dragon to the graveyard. Its first line of text says it's treated as a "Cyberdark" card, so some might even call this card "Cyberdark Horizon". Anyways, because it's a Cyberdark card you can search it off of Cyberdark Claw, which is definitely convenient.

Cybernetic Horizon effect is similar to cards like Pendulum Call or Machina Redeployment, where you send another card from your hand to get two more cards. But in Cybernetic Horizon case, you give up two cards from your hand to search one card from your deck, Foolish Burial another, and send a third card to the graveyard from your Extra Deck. It creates a lot of setup for your combo plays.

There are a couple other new cards that Cyberdark Claw can search for. Cyberdark Realm is an amazing search card, while Cyberdark Invasion is the deck's new, and also amazing Continuous Trap. You'll want to see these two cards all the time when you play any kind of Cyberdark deck.

Cyberdark Realm has three different effects. On activation, it searches you a Cyberdark monster from your deck. It's similar to Fire Formation - Tenki. Its second effect grants you an additional Normal Summon to use for a  Cyberdark. That's kinda like Fire Formation - Tensu.

Lastly, it creates a condition where if you equip a monster with a Cyberdark's effect, you can equip from your opponent's graveyard. Most Cyberdarks require you to equip Dragons, so I wonder how this will fare against Dragon Link

Cyberdark Invasion is the first ever Cyberdark trap card. It has two once-per-turn effects, and you can only activate one of the effects per turn per copy. That means it's optimal to have two Cyberdark Invasion on the field so you can use both effects every turn. They're both worth playing.

The first effect lets you equip a Dragon or Machine from any graveyard to a Cyberdark Monster you control, and gives it +1000 ATK while it's equipped. The second effect is my favorite: you can send any equip card that's equipped to one your Machines as a cost, to destroy a card your opponent controls. The effect doesn't target, giving it a bit more flexibility and some more reach against non-targetable monsters.

This trap, in combination with Cyberdark Cannon and Cyberdark Claw, is where the real advantage comes in. It lets you trigger the effect to draw a card with Cyberdark Cannon, or recycle a Cyberdark with Cyberdark Claw (including itself), while destroying an opponent's card. It's really nice. On top of that, you get to re-equip them to do it again the next turn!

Finally, the deck also introduces two new Main Deck monsters: Cyberdark Chimera and Attachment Cybern.

Cyberdark Chimera isn't like the other Cyberdark Machines, where they equip cards and attack to do things. Instead, Chimera lets you search for Power Bond at the cost of a spell or trap. It comes with a restriction and an optional benefit. The restriction is that you can't use anything BUT Dragons or "Cyber" Machine-types to Fusion Summon for the turn. But the kicker is that if you want to Fusion Summon, you can also use monsters in your graveyard as Fusion Material by banishing them.

Its second effect triggers if it's sent to the graveyard by any means, letting you send a Cyberdark monster from your deck to your graveyard with a different name than the monsters you already have there. It's kinda like Shaddoll Squamata with some restrictions.

The last new card, Attachment Cybern, is a Level 3 Dragon, fitting with the Main Deck Cyberdark monsters that can only equip Level 3 or lower monsters. While it's in the hand or on the field, you can use its effect to equip itself to another Dragon or Machine "Cyber" monster giving it a 600 ATK boost. If Attachment Cybern sent to the graveyard while it's equipped to a monster, you get to Special Summon back a Dragon or Machine "Cyber" monster. It's another card that can go hand in hand with Cyberdark Invasion to let you retain some advantage.


Of course, as with any new Structure Deck, product-hover id="240558" an opportunity to reprint cards that fit the theme...and that players want for entirely different decks, too. 

Handsdown, Infinite Impermanence is THE card everyone wants, and luckily for us, it has Cyber Dragon Infinity in the artwork, which means it fits the theme. I'm glad we got this reprint here in the TCG, and the fact that it's a Super Rare makes it look really nice!

Whether you're a fan of Cyber themes or just need to pick up a meta staple hand trap, Infinite Impermanence is great. For the cost of entry, you might as well buy the entire Structure Deck and score the new cards and the other reprints, too, which I'll go ahead and talk about.

Starting off with Gale Dogra! Probably my favorite reprint in this Structure, Gale Dogra a very underrated card that lets you send ANYTHING from your Extra Deck to the graveyard, at the cost of 3000 Life Points. Its effect isn't limited to a once-per-turn condition, but it is limited by your remaining LP, so it's a little different from combo cards you may be used to.

Gale Dogra creates some unique plays. For instance, if you can point to it with a Reprodocus, you can change its type to Psychic and equip it with Telekinetic Charging Cell to use its effect infinitely! There's some major Gishki shenanigans you can do with it, to just empty your opponent's whole hand on Turn 1. And yes! I do mean "infinite!"  Just loop PSY-Framelord Omega, putting itself and any card back into the deck, and you can reuse your Extra Deck monsters literally forever.

If you're a fan of aggressive decks with Gren Maju Da Eiza but you don't own copies of Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher yet, you're in luck, because you'll find a common reprint in product-hover id="240558"! I honestly don't know why it's in the deck, besides being a Machine-type. Still, it's a welcome addition.

Lastly, Cyber Dragons get more affordable with tons of notable reprints for competitive builds. Seeing Cyber Dragon Herz as a Super Rare again is confusing, but hey! It's a good reprint!

Cyber Dragon Nachster here as a common too, coming off its reprint in the last Legendary Duelist Season set as a Colorful Ultra Rare. If you didn't get a copy then, it's practically free now.

Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju and Fusion Deployment are solid reprints as well. Fusion Deployment appeared as a Prismatic Secret Rare in the 2021 Tins, but that set's pretty enormous, so if you didn't pull the copies you needed there, you can find Super Rares in the new Structure.

That wraps up the deck! product-hover id="240558" packs tons of new strong cards for Cyberdarks, as well as  Infinite Impermanence, and a few other cool reprints. What else is there to say? Go get it while you can!