Ghosts From the Past is just over a week away, and it's got new support cards for popular themes like Shaddolls, Nekroz, and Time Thief. Dragunity gets the most prominent support of all, a deck that hasn't seen competitive play on its own in years. Dragunity Knight - Romulus and Dragon Ravine have both been mainstays in the popular Dragon Link deck since Romulus was released in Rising Rampage, and the new support will likely bring Dragunity into the competitive spotlight over the next few weeks.

Ghosts From the Past is filled to the brim with reprints for the various themes it supports, and there are plenty of reprinted cards that aren't connected to those themes; largely cards that direly needed another printing. Since the bulk of the set is Ultra Rares many of them are rarity bumps, and some of them lower the price wall gating those strategies.

We all know that Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos needed a reprint, but Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos (Ghost Rare) is a big-money chase card, not a low-cost reissue. Today we're going to focus on just the Ultra Rares and looking at some of the best reprints in Ghosts From the Past, from budget reprints, to rarity upgrades and beyond.

Good Reprints for Any Competitor

The first two cards we should talk about are the standouts in terms of sheer value. Emergency Teleport an essential card for most Psychic strategies and it's also used in combo decks that rely on Crystron Halqifibrax as an easy way to get to a Level 3 or lower Tuner like PSY-Framegear Gamma. Until this reprint was announced, the cheapest printing was the product-hover id="115866", which was floating between 16 and 18 dollars.

Emergency Teleport most recently saw competitive play in Virtual World, as an easy way to put a Virtual World monster onto the field without using your Normal Summon, enabling your in-hand Virtual World effects. It's been more than five years since Emergency Teleport last printing, so GFTP's a great way to get more copies into circulation.

Evenly Matched is the standout reprint from GFTP. This card's been a consistent part of the competitive scene since it was first released, and while it's drifted in and out of competition over the years, the fact that it had only been printed three times - twice as a Secret Rare - meant it's almost always been more than $20. That wouldn't be a big deal if Evenly Matched was played in the Main Deck, but since it's consistently been a Side Deck staple instead, the price has been a big deterrent to budget players.

Budget Players aren't the only ones who may need to pick up a playset: many savvy duelists sold their copies of Evenly Matched when we thought it would be included in the TCG version of Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers. That left players who tried to "time the market" with no copies, and that's going to boost demand a bit now that we finally have a new printing.

On-Theme Reprints

Like I said before, Ghosts From the Past is filled with support for older themes, and among those new support cards are some greatly appreciated reprints. Mist Valley Baby Roc was quickly bought out when the Dragunity support was announced in the OCG and it hasn't been printed since 2010, so its price started to climb.

Dragunity Phalanx is also getting a helpful reprint in GFTP. Neither card was crazy expensive, but Mist Valley Baby Roc been as much as $6 for the cheapest version in the past year, and it's nice that we don't have to go dumpster diving through bulk to find a few.

Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres is an essential part of any Dragon Link deck and has been since it came out in Duel Power. Because of the hype behind Dragon Link's success this format, Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres has been going up in price and reached an all-time high of $24.

It's in this set to help supplement the Hieratic support, and it appears alongside other Hieratic cards that fans have wanted to see upgraded for years, like my favorite: Hieratic Seal of Convocation. I'm super excited for Hieratic Seal of Convocation reprint even though it's not historically a tournament card.

Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste and Miracle Synchro Fusion are both getting reprints. Miracle Synchro Fusion hasn't been printed since Duelist Revolution, and the last printing of Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste was in Legendary Collection 5D's. Miracle Synchro Fusion will finally get some much needed Problem-Solving Card Text, too!

I'd rather not list out all of the Time Thief cards, but yeah, ALL OF THEM ARE IN THIS SET. I'm super excited to see everything Time Thief getting not only a foil treatment, but a MATCHING foil treatment. The fact that only Time Thief Winder and Time Thief Redoer got holo upgrades in the 2020 Mega Pack hurt my soul.

Do Ultimates Really Count?

Armed Dragon LV10 and Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon both appeared as beautiful Ultimate Rare printings in OTS Pack 15. But since OTS Pack Ultimates aren't readily available to most people, it's hard to count them as "reprints" in the sense of cards becoming more accessible. They just didn't put many more copies into circulation, and since they're both about 50 bucks, they're no help for budget players.

Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon only had two other prints before that Ultimate Rare, its original Secret print and a common from the Legendary Hero Decks. One was around 30 bucks at its peak, while the other was a few dollars. Having a newly accessible holo printing of this card is great for Phantom Knight players that haven't been able to pull their Ultimate Rare copies from Remote Duels just yet.

As for Armed Dragon LV10? Chazz's ultimate boss monster was last printed in Duel Terminal 5 back in 2011. Right now, all three prints of the card, Duel Terminal, OTS Ultimate, and the original Ultra, are a minimum of $40. For a card that's solely valuable as a collectible, this is a great reprint for Chazz fans.

The Random Goodies

Speaking of Chazz fans, our time has come! Ojama Country has finally been reprinted. AA new Ultra Rare printing for the card that makes the whole deck work is wonderful, and you can't convince me otherwise. Ojama Country was absurdly expensive for what it was, actually featuring as the Number 1 most expensive Rare card in Kelly's article back in December.

Danger! Thunderbird! has started seeing play again because of Gren Maju strategies , finding its way into Rank 8 decks that summon Number 100: Numeron Dragon. Danger! Thunderbird! last printing was the 2019 Mega Pack version, so hopefully this reprint will bring the card down from its current $10 price tag.

Almost all of the Metalfoes cards are getting the Ultra Rare treatment. Metalfoes used to dominate tournaments before Zoodiacs showed up, and up until this point only a few cards had holo printings… and they haven't been printed since, so getting them all in one place is really nice. Metalfoes also got new support in Blazing Vortex, which gave the theme a new Fusion/Pendulum monster with some crazy effects.

While they haven't seen competitive play in recent years, Kozmos are still one of the coolest in the TCG. Most of the cards received reprints in Premium Gold: Infinite Gold, but oddly enough three of them haave never been reissued… until now. Kozmo Tincan, Kozmoll Dark Lady, and Kozmojo are finally getting much needed reprints that will make the three of them highly affordable for budget players. The reprints have already proven popular, with prices of other Kozmo cards spiking due to demand.

Thestalos the Mega Monarch has steadily floated around $10 for both the original and Mega Pack printings, ever since Pantheism of the Monarchs was unlimited. While Monarchs haven't reached the top tables at tournaments in a while, they're still a big fan favorite for their overall legacy in the game. If anybody in your remote duel server plays Monarchs, expect to see them summoning Thestalos the Mega Monarch in future events.

It was originally announced when Ghosts From the Past was revealed, but Raidraptor - Tribute Lanius has eluded a reprint until this set. Having only been printed once before in Wing Raiders, Raidraptor - Tribute Lanius has always served as a small price wall for Raidraptor decks while maintaining staple status in Raidraptor decks as a 3-of. This card's repeatedly broken the $35 mark in the past, and it never should've been that expensive. Ghosts From the Past will set the situation right, making Raidraptor - Tribute Lanius vastly more accessible.

Phantom Knights' Fog Blade and Madolche Puddingcess are both crazy expensive commons for popular decks. Madolche Puddingcess only has one other reprint, from six years ago in Astral Pack 7, so commons for it were constantly over $10 until this reprint was announced. Phantom Knights' Fog Blade been seeing more tournament success with Phantom Knights thanks to Julio Mendoza piloting the deck in the February Extravaganza, and later the Remote Duel Invitational. Some recent variations of Dragon Link have played copies of Phantom Knights' Fog Blade too, causing the price of the common to skyrocket.

The final reprint that needs to be mentioned is Buster Dragon. The Buster Blader deck is a solid rogue pick that many players have been running recently, since it combines the awesome power of Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon with Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman and Buster Dragon for added lockdown effects on your opponent. While Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman was recently reprinted in Maximum Gold, many fans of the deck were left in the lurch as Buster Dragon was passed over, causing the card to shoot up over $30! For a rogue deck, a cost efficient print is awesome.

Ghosts from the Past is a really great set filled with wonderful reprints. I regret not pre-ordering more boxes, considering how much packs are selling for now. As the set draws nearer, hopefully you get the chance to support your local OTS and snag some packs from them. Hopefully you pull a Ghost Rare! I know the two Ghosts I want to pull the most are Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon (Ghost Rare) and Dark Magician (Ghost Rare).

I'm wishing you all the luck, so I hope you wish me luck too!