The full spoiler's out for Duel Overload, and it won't just boost the top decks - it's awesome for rogue strategies too! DUOV has lots of powerful new cards for fan-favorite themes, plus a ton of incredible reprints that's going to make it easier to play some of the coolest decks going.

Duel Overload's a smorgasbord of support, but which rogue decks will rise to the top? In today's video, Leon places his bets and tells you which strategies could be #toostronk come March 20th. Which ones made the cut? Hit the video and find out.

Some of these decks have already achieved success this format! Hit the TCGplayer Deck Archive to see a Top Cut Regional build of Witchcrafters from Hawaii, and a slick ZEXAL Prank-Kids build that topped in New Zealand. Get ready, because the rogue scene's about to go crazy once Duel Overload drops!