Vivid Voltage is less than a month away and it is bringing some incredible cards! The Slowpoke Well believes that one powerhouse coming from this set is Galarian Darmanitan Vmax, who has an attack that, for 4 water energy, does 200 damage to your opponent's active...and then does 30 damage to EACH of their benched Pokemon! With so many 'toolkit' Pokemon that spend the game on the bench, being able to sweep your opponent's Pokemon in a single attack can be absolutely devastating. Even its biggest restriction, requiring 4 Water energy, is easy to handle with Frosmoth letting you get all 4 energy in one turn as long as you have them in hand! If you're ready to SMASH your opponent's with the 'coolest' deck, then check out the video below.

So much of this deck is currently available, which makes this the perfect time to pick up the pieces before they go up in price! Frosmoth and Alolan Sandslash GX are currently in the $1 to $3 range, but they won't stay 'hidden gems' for long. The Slowpoke Well has all the best deck profiles for Vivid Voltage - you can find them on Youtube and Twitter, making gains in the gym and the Pokemon TCG world!