The 2020 tins release on Friday, and many of the greatest cards from 2019 get reprints. Whether you're a new player or a lapsed fan looking to get back into modern Yu-Gi-Oh, or a tournament veteran looking for a few more copies of key cards, this tin has a little something for everyone.

Today Leon breaks down some of the most sought-after cards in the set, as well as which cards you should be looking to pick up while the prices are low! If you've been overwhelmed by the tin's monstrous card pool, check out the video.

Everyone opening tins next week will be on the look out for Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, but it's far from the only powerful card in the set! Pot of Extravagance, I:P Masquerena, and Borreload Savage Dragon have all been stand-out cards in the last year and this may be the only time we see their prices plunge so low. With 26 of 27 Prismatic Secret Rares in the total set list being great cards to see upshifted - everything except for you, Mystic Mine - the tins will definitely be a hot item to get your hands on.