product-hover id="240556" is almost here, and thanks to the influencer reveals that happened last week we have a good idea of what cards are in the set, along with their rarities.

Unfortunately, all but one reprint is locked behind the non-holo wall, with a lot of great cards appearing solely as commons and rares. Clear Wing Synchro Dragon the only reprint in product-hover id="240556" that comes as a foil, appearing in this set as a Super Rare. If you're looking for rarity upgrades, they're weirdly not here.

But there's some great new stuff! And of all the cards in the release, I'm personally looking forward to the new Lyriluscs the most. The new Lyrilusc support finally makes the theme strong enough to stand on its own as a full-fledged deck; that's super cool to me, and I'm super excited to try it out. That being said, I'm only slightly upset that none of the pre-existing Lyrilusc monsters were given the holo treatment they totally deserve. I'll save my ranting about that for Twitter.

As we get ready for product-hover id="240556", and eventually product-hover id="243716" arriving the week after, it's time to make sure we are ready for everything that the new set has to offer for our competitive strategies.

Synchro Heavy Strategies

Sherry LeBlanc's Fleur Synchro deck and Yugo's Speedroid deck both get a huge wave of support in Synchro Storm. I mean, it only makes sense given the name of the set. The most hyped card from the whole release has to be LeBlanc's Baronne de Fleur, a powerful and generic Level 10 Synchro Monster. For those of you that are looking to make a deck dedicated to summoning Baronne de Fleur, it might be smart to pick up older Tuner-friendly cards like Tuning.

Tuning saw a ton of competitive play in mid-2020 right after COVID shut everything down, featuring in Synchro Eldlich decks for easy access to the now-forbidden Jet Synchron. Three "Synchron" monsters are getting reprints in Synchro Storm, while the brand-new Necro Synchron is finally being released. All of these pair very well with Tuning since it can search for any of them.

Cards that require specifically named Synchro Materials like Chevalier de Fleur got a boost from Dawn of Majesty thanks to Synchro Overtake. In this case it lets you quickly search out Fleur Synchron as well, letting you save your Tuning for another combo piece. Synchro Overtake already popular in Stardust Synchro decks; they're super popular at locals, and have a lot of potential to break through to the competitive level thanks to Baronne de Fleur. They just need a little tweaking to fit it into their strategy.

94569 || 124811

Two of the best Wyrm monsters ever printed have the potential to make a huge impact too, with upcoming releases. Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing and Mare Mare work together like a match made in heaven. Upcoming Synchro decks are sure to be able to summon Level 7 Synchros. Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing has a powerful effect that floats into Mare Mare, which can just immediately serve as a Synchro of almost any Level you'd like.

Speedroids Go Fast!

Most of the Speedroid cards were reprinted in product-hover id="240556", two key cards for the Speedroid cards that are very powerful in the deck have yet to be reprinted and have the potential to go way up in price.

Speedroid Menko a powerful hand trap for the Speedroid deck that functions as an in-theme Book of Eclipse. Speedroid Menko hasn't been seen a reprint in all of its years in the game. The last time this card was printed was in High-Speed Riders which was six years ago! That was literally when Speedroids were introduced. While Speedroid Menko still lets your opponent flip their monsters face-up in Main Phase 2, that option's out of the question if they were just summoned that turn.

Hi-Speedroid Hagoita another powerful Speedroid monster that hasn't been reprinted at all, emanating from Breakers of Shadow. It's a really cool generic Level 5 Synchro that can bring itself back from the graveyard if you control a Speedroid Tuner.

The on-field effect's really powerful, and has an amazing ability to disrupt decks like Virtual World and Swordsoul: by tributing Hi-Speedroid Hagoita, all monsters on the field gain 1 Level until the end of the turn. Since Virtual World only functions in multiples of 3 for its Levels, bumping everything up to Level 4 or 7 can really hurt that strategy. Hitting Swordsoul's Levels can also make huge changes to their plays.

Lyrilusc Is Just A Cute Winged Beast Deck

In my opinion, Lyriluscs get the most support of any one deck in product-hover id="240556". They've already seen a ton of popularity since players crammed the first batch of birds into the Tri-Brigade strategy, but there are lots of ways to build the Lryilusc theme. Some of them involve using Tri-Brigade cards, and other variants can opt out of the Tri-Brigades altogether.

Two powerful cards that haven't been reprinted in a while work great with the strategy: they are Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty and Mist Valley Apex Avian. They're both super easy to summon in Lyriluscs since all the monsters are Winged Beasts. The deck already has the potential to abuse Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds, so having an alternative monster to summon off Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty is really smart.

All of the Lyriluscs are Level 1 monsters, and since the strategy doesn't care about using their Normal Summon, Kinka-Byo is great since it can also bring back copies of Lyrilusc - Cobalt Sparrow to search out your other Level 1 Winged Beasts. That means you have instant access to Rank 1 Xyz like Lyrilusc - Recital Starling or the brand new Lyrilusc - Ensemblue Robin.

Even though it's mainly played in Tri-Brigade, Tri-Brigade Revolt is great for any Beast, Beast-Warrior, or Winged Beast deck. Special Summoning back any Tri-Beast Type monster to make a Tri-Brigade Link on your opponent's turn is super strong. Especially since Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen didn't get hit at all, effectively giving you access to a non-targeting banish on your opponent's turn.

Honestly? All the Tri-Brigade cards are good pickups to go with the Lyrilusc cards. Tri-Brigade has great synergy with Lyrilusc because it makes it so much easier for the deck to get out cards like Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty, without taking away powerful Xyz materials.

product-hover id="240556" going to be super cool. We haven't had a Legendary Duelist set in a while, the last one being product-hover id="234965", which got a lot of attention because of the The Winged Dragon of Ra (Ghost Rare). Following in its footsteps, Synchro Storm has another Ghost Rare featuring the cover card, Crystal Clear Wing Synchro Dragon (Ghost Rare).

product-hover id="240556" will be available at your local OTS on the 27th, but it won't be tournament legal until Friday the 29th. It could wind up being really popular, and personally, I can't wait to pick up a few boxes to build my Lyrilusc deck!