Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night, wherever you happen to be on the earth. I'm Jon Corpora, and, uh... yeah, there's lots of Ixalan to cover so we're just getting right into it. These are the ten cards most likely to make an impact in Standard so uhhh yeah let's get into that.

Vraska's Contempt

We've kinda seen Vraska's Contempt before as Utter End, but this one's got some lifegain stapled on. Also, it doesn't destroy artifacts or enchantments, so, uh… yeah, maybe it's not Utter End, but it's not quite Hero's Downfall either. Four mana is a lot, but the lifegain might just make it worth the one extra mana tacked onto the cost. It's worth noting that there isn't much instant-speed Planeswalker removal in Standard, making Vraska's Contempt a unique effect worth looking at.

Sorcerous Spyglass

Sorcerous Spyglass stands to be pretty good against Temur Energy, turning off whichever of Longtusk Cub, Whirler Virtuoso, Bristling Hydra, or Chandra, Torch of Defiance you want… and you get to see their hand, so you know which card to turn off!

Buddy Lands

The Magic 2010 cycle of double-lands is great—good enough that they'll immediately make an impact on Standard. That's pretty obvious; good mana makes the world go round.

Goring Ceratops

I can't wait to slot Goring Ceratops into a God-Pharaoh's Gift deck and kill an opponent out of nowhere, and for that reason, I'm putting it in here. If you thought Angel of Invention was good without double strike, just wait till you see it hit twice.

Kinjalli's Sunwing

The mono-red deck relies on haste to press its advantage, so I'm in for Kinjalli's Sunwing as a way to stop big hasty monsters like Hazoret the Fervent. Kinjalli's Sunwing can also serves as a fine beater on the top of a mana curve in a hypothetical aggressive white deck that can keep blockers at bay.

Vanquisher's Banner

I'm willing to bet that the tribes of Ixalan will be awesome—Pirates in particular look extremely sweet—so Vanquisher's Banner seems like it'll be perfect as a way to grow creatures, incur some card advantage, and draw Abrades away from your little beaters. Vanquisher's Banner is a big under-the-radar sleeper so you can really buy low on these.

Kumena's Omenspeaker

On the topic of tribes of Ixalan, Kumena's Omenspeaker looks very, very good in the Merfolk tribe as a beatdown creature with power and toughness way above its mana cost rate. This one won't catch anyone by surprise; a 2/2 for one mana will be good as long as Magic exists.

Deadeye Tracker

Graveyard strategies might get a lot worse once Shadows over Innistrad block rotates out, but God-Pharaoh's Gift will still exist, so Deadeye Tracker has the potential to have a massive impact in Standard. Explore is an appealing mechanic, and Deadeye Tracker seems like all upside in the right matchup.

Waker of the Wilds

Ramp decks get a lot worse without Eldrazi to ramp to, but a card like Waker of the Wilds has potential as something to ramp to. If no one's expecting a mana ramp deck, ramping up, even to something as innocuous as Waker of the Wilds, can yield a lot of wins.

Settle the Wreckage

We're wrapping things up with Settle the Wreckage, or "Wrath to Exile," as it's known. The "has to attack" clause is a little painful, especially in a block with raid benefits and stuff like that all over the place, but exiling creatures remains powerful, and against the super-aggressive decks Settle the Wreckage will punish hardest, all the lands in the world won't matter. You don't need infinite lands to play a two-drop.

That's it for this week, but stay tuned because more and more Ixalan goodness is getting revealed all the time. Until next time, I'll be tapping the cards so you don't have to. Just kidding—I think that phrase is copyrighted. Bye!!!!

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora