Sometimes the quest to become Pokemon Master/King of Games is so long that you start in Duelist Kingdom and wind up on Victory Road. In the greatest crossover event since Ryan Reynolds voice acting as Pikachu, the reigning champs of Yu-Gi-Oh!, SuSu and JenJen, took a break from their usual content to open two Elite Trainer Boxes for Champion's Path! To make things a little more interesting, they've added a fun new rule while opening packs: if either of them open a card that is worth more than $5, they'll receive a whipped cream pie to the face! If you're interested in seeing what Champion's Path has in store for you (or just really wanna see SuSu get a face full of whipped cream) check out the video below.

Though they may not have found a rainbow Charizard VMAX or a shiny Charizard V, this set is packed to the brim with awesome full-art cards and secret rares. If you want to try out your own Whipped Cream Challenge, order your Champion's Path Elite Trainer Box - whipped cream not included! They're also doing an AMAZING Elite Trainer Box giveaway. To be included, make sure you subscribe to HeadtoHeadBattles, share the video, and leave a comment telling them your favorite card from Champion's Path!