Grixis Death's Shadow put up some strong results this weekend, but there are certainly plenty of other options to fight Death's Shadow variants. Collected Company has always been one of the most powerful spells to help enable creatures based strategies in Modern, and the recent printing of Vizier of Remedies provides another combo that Collected Company decks can take advantage of: making infinite mana using Devoted Druid with a Vizier of Remedies in play. There are also a few other ways to go infinite with Vizier of Remedies plus other creatures.

Collected Company has become one of the most important enablers in the format, as it makes a bunch of different decks much more impressive than they would be without it. Chord of Calling is nice, but it can be expensive and you can't find two creatures off it. These are five decks which have lots of overlapping cards, but there are also some subtle differences worth taking note of.

Counters Company

I have seen versions of the Counters Company deck that is straight green-white, but the most popular version is definitely Abzan. This deck incorporates both Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies, and I think it is the clear top flavor of Collected Company in the format. Vizier of Remedies is more or less an upgrade to Melira, Sylvok Outcast. Alongside a sacrifice outlet, this deck can gain infinite life by sacrificing Kitchen Finks repeatedly, as long as Vizier of Remedies is in play. The trick is that the persist creature won't get that counter placed on them when entering the battlefield again, so it can looped indefinitely.

The deck has access to the same combos as Melira Company did, but you can also get infinite mana by putting Devoted Druid into the deck. Devoted Druid is actually a pretty good creature on its own, so even without a Vizier of Remedies it is still an important mana producer. There are lots of mana sinks in the deck, so there is almost always some way to make the most of additional mana. Of course, if you are able to make infinite mana there needs to be a way to win the game on the spot, and luckily there is.

After making infinite mana, either Chord of Calling, Duskwatch Recruiter or just already having Walking Ballista in play will win the game. Chord of Calling finds Duskwatch Recruiter, which can then be activated infinite times to find Walking Ballista. Walking Ballista comes into play with as many counters as you want it to, and simply deals damage to your opponent. With four Chord of Calling and four Collected Company the combo pieces are fairly redundant. The deck is able to play the full amount of both Vizier of Remedies and Devoted Druid.

There are a bunch of mana dorks here, and that shouldn't really be much of a surprise. Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch are keys to making sure this type of deck is fast enough to keep up with other combo decks. Games where you have a mana creature on turn one versus games you don't have one are incredibly different. With so many mana sources there need to be some lands that do more than simply produce mana, and Gavony Township is a classic way to turn mana creatures into legitimate threats to provide an alternative route to winning. Horizon Canopy can be cashed in for a card, though you don't want that land versus aggressive decks like Burn.

The Counters Company deck is here to stay, and I would consider it a tier one deck at the moment. Beyond the actual combo pieces, I already mentioned there are a full four copies of Eternal Witness which can come into play off Collected Company, and allow you to continue casting Collected Company or just return a high impact card to your hand. The sideboard does have some removal, but the primary focus is singleton creatures that can be found with Chord of Calling and can be very high impact.


Martin Juza was one win away from the Top 8 in Copenhagen, and his weapon of choice was a new take on Elves. Right now, Elves can go in two different directions: you can either incorporate Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies, or simply play a more straightforward version. Vizier of Remedies isn't as good here, because it really only works well when Devoted Druid is in play, this deck doesn't have creatures like Kitchen Finks. Devoted Druid on the other hand is an elf itself, so it pretty clearly fits right in here.

Playing only one Vizier of Remedies is a very smart move. When Devoted Druid is in play you can still threaten to make infinite mana by either having Vizier of Remedies in hand or casting a Chord of Calling to find it. If you are able to make infinite mana, there is one easy way to win the game, and that is if you have Ezuri, Renegade Leader. Most of the games with this deck end with activating Ezuri, Renegade Leader and making a big attack.

We see a similar strategy here as in the Counters Company deck in terms of lands. With so many mana creatures you can't afford to have that many lands, or it becomes too easy to flood out. There are only 18 lands in this deck – that is about as low as any Modern deck in the format, yet the deck is mana hungry! There are lots of one mana plays to help make up for this choice, so I actually like it. There is even Horizon Canopy.

Bant Knightfall

Yes, Knight of the Reliquary is still a relevant card in Modern, so don't sleep on it! Eli Kassis has been continuing to find success by activating Knight of the Reliquary, and it is one of the most individually powerful creatures you can hit off Collected Company in the format. This deck wants those sorts of high-impact creatures, and Spell Queller fits the bill nicely. Being able to find a counter of sorts off Collected Company is nice, because with so many creatures in your deck Collected Company strategies often struggle to interact with the opponent. There are many decks that don't actually play main deck removal spells, which puts Spell Queller in an even better spot.

The classic combo of the Knightfall strategy is activating Knight of the Reliquary with Retreat to Coralhelm in play. This allows you to continuously untap Knight of the Reliquary and search out lands while the Knight of the Reliquary becomes huge, which also generates mana in the process. This deck is actually splashing red in order to be able to activate Kessig Wolf Run, the kill condition if you do get Knight of the Reliquary to near-lethal range. Beyond the classic combo that the deck is known for, we now also have the new Vizier of Remedies plus Devoted Druid combo jammed into the deck as well. This isn't a deck that benefits the most from the Vizier combo, but at the same time the combo is so strong that it is likely worth playing.

This is another spot where Devoted Druid looks good, but Vizier of Remedies only looks good when you are comboing, so Eli is only playing two copies. Oath of Nissa is a pretty unusual inclusion here, since typically Collected Company decks don't want too many non-creature spells, though Oath of Nissa does find Retreat to Coralhelm. For players looking to play a classic version of Bant Knightfall deck without the new Vizier of Remedies combo I like Steve Rubin's list here.

There is more card advantage here, with Tireless Tracker and Voice of Resurgence as additional value creatures. This version of Bant Knightfall is going to generally fair better against midrange strategies, but won't be able to win nearly as fast, as it isn't actually a combo deck, it is simply playing powerful creatures alongside Collected Company. Here you do get to make room for a full playset of Path to Exile, since there aren't any Chord of Callings.

Naya Company

A completely different color combination that can do some crazy things. While this deck does have Knight of the Reliquary in it, that isn't the primary focus. The deck is primarily green-white like the other decks, but what is unique is Nahiri, the Harbinger. Looting away excess combo pieces or unnecessary mana sources is nice to have access to. Personally, I really like the idea of Nahiri, the Harbinger here, and would like to see the full playset, not just two copies.

To justify putting Emrakul, the Aeons Torn in your deck I do think you need four Nahiri, the Harbinger, although you can legitimately hardcast Emrakul, the Aeons Torn as well with the infinite mana combo, making Emrakul the primary win condition over Walking Ballista. Rhonas the Indomitable is another option as a good way to use infinite mana and win the game, by making a huge trampling creature. The Naya Company deck isn't that popular at the moment, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Green-White Company

You may have noticed a common theme in all of the lists here, and that is that they are base green-white. Additional colors are essentially splashes, but aren't necessary to support what the deck is trying to do. By making this deck only two colors you do add some additional consistency. However, because mana bases are so strong nowadays alongside mana creatures, there isn't a huge downside to splashing either. Eldritch Evolution is yet another card that can be used to search for a combo piece, and we see one copy in this list.

This deck is pretty steamlined, as it maximizes the amount of Duskwatch Recruiter as that is a good source of card advantage even if you don't have infinite mana. There are actually zero copies of Walking Ballsita here so you are relying on Rhonas the Indomitable to combo out. The one unique creature that stands out in both the Naya Company list and this one are the Renegade Ralliers. Eternal Witness is the way to safely return a card to your hand, but it isn't as inherently powerful or explosive. The key to playing Renegade Rallier in this type of deck is making sure you have a way to trigger revolt if you hit Renegade Rallier off a Collected Company.

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Seth Manfield