TOP 5 ARTICLES: July 3-9

#5: Brewers Galore, by Ali Aintrazi – July 7

#4: Evaluating New Standard Cards, by Adam Yurchick – July 2

#3: Lands in Origins Standard, by Conley Woods – July 7

#2: Video Deck Tech – UW Myth Realized, by Frank Lepore – July 2

#1: Five Cards Most Improved by Magic Origins (and Naya Mastery at GP BA), by Craig Wescoe – July 3

The common thread here is an easy one to spot: Magic Origins is the rare set that acts as a total smorgasbord for deck brewers to really sink their teeth into. The set's splashy, waiting-to-be-broken rares and mythics beg to be built around, and dropping them on a Standard format that hasn't even been solved yet (a rarity in this era) definitely has people excited to get cracking on some decks.

Both Adam and Frank's articles reference this UW Myth Realized deck:


The two articles present a pretty natural progression – how the deck performs as it stands, and what it stands to gain from Origins. Food for thought.

TOP 5 DECKS: July 3-9

#5: Abzan Midrange, by Derek Snyder
Format: Standard – DTK

#4: Naya Collected Company, by Steven Borakove
Format: Modern – DTK

#3: Red Deck Wins, by Dalton Mott
Format: Standard – DTK

#2: Affinity, by Hitomi Masaaki
Format: Modern – DTK

#1: Abzan Control, by Pascal Maynard
Format: Standard – DTK

Each deck a winner of its respective tournament, the takeaway here is that, in Standard, Abzan is still going strong. Derek Snyder's sideboard is definitely worth some discussion, featuring hits like Hornet Queen, Radiant Purge, and Whip of Erebos that - while very good cards in their own right - haven't been seen in Abzan decks since Fate Reforged dropped.

On the Modern side of things, the old boogeyman, Affinity, is proving that it's still capable of taking down tournaments, even in a world of Kolaghan's Commands. The list is actually pretty stock, eschewing spice for raw power.

Steven Borakove's Naya Collected Company deck, on the other hand, takes Hall-of-Famer Paul Rietzl's list from Grand Prix Charlotte and adds in potentially game-breaking cards like Voice of Resurgence, Dromoka's Command, and Ghost Quarter.