TOP 5 ARTICLES: July 10-16

5. Elves Take on Standard, by Seth Manfield - July 15

4. Magic Origins in Legacy, by Adam Barnello - July 14

3. Three New Decks for Three Powerful White Two-Drops, by Craig Wescoe - July 10

2. The Top 8 Sleepers of Magic Origins, by Frank Lepore - July 7 16

1. Origins Card Reviews, by Conley Woods - July 13-17

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon for a minute and say that I'm super excited for Origins, both in constructed and limited alike.

From what I could gather from the prerelease, the limited format seems to trend aggressively, which I like, and overall, the rares are relatively low-impact. Limited games that come down to bomb rares are pretty unfun, and Origins seems to have cut down on that significantly.

This doesn't mean the rares in Origins are bad. In constructed, some of these rares are downright filthy, begging to be broken in all formats, from Standard ( Nissa, Vastwood Seer) all the way to Vintage ( Day's Undoing). It's splashy, fun cards like these that get deck brewers back into the groove that made them fall in love with Magic in the first place, and I'm really looking forward to all of Origins' time in Standard.


Fools Rush In, by UB40. I don't know what it is about the version of the song that wormed its way into my ear and refuses to leave. Maybe it's the fact that it appeared in the movie Sliver, or the trailer to the Selma Hayek/Matthew Perry classic Fools Rush In. Something about the '90's of it all really speaks to me. Also, this song is terrible and you shouldn't listen to it.

TOP 5 DECKS: July 10-16

5. Deadguy Ale, by Adam Barnello
Format: Legacy – ORI

4. GB Elves, by Seth Manfield
Format: Standard – ORI

3. White Weenies 4 Days (Undoing), by Craig Wescoe
Format: Standard – ORI

2. Pact Trix, by Adam Barnello
Format: Legacy – ORI

1. Naya Legends, by Craig Wescoe
Format: Standard – ORI

Here's some of that Origins spice I was referring to. All five decks heavily feature Origins cards, and they're all killer, no filler. GB Elves has a ton of potential, thanks to Shaman of the Pack being absolutely bonkers, but the deck here that really has me going is definitely Craig Wescoe jamming Timetwister into a white weenie deck. Adam barnello clocks in at a close second; I'm a sucker for a Donate, and Donate and Demonic Pact were made for each other.

See you next week, when we'll have some concrete results featuring Origins cards. I'm stoked.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora