With Sneak Peeks taking place all over the world this past weekend, Regionals were on hold just as the new format came into effect. Tier 2 events return in Hawaii, Utah, Georgia and more in just a few days, but for now we're not totally in the dark. The PPG Invitational in Orlando is the first notable event in current competition, and it was full of useful info.

The Top 16 of the Invitational was dominated by 9 SPYRAL decks, some of them in very different builds. But the deck was won by Altergeists, carefully created to work around some of the SPYRAL theme's biggest cards and best plays. How does that dovetail into the release of Lightning Storm in Ignition Assault this Friday? And what were the other big decks that showed promise? Get those answers and more in TheCaliEffect's latest!



What do you think? Will the PPG Invitational reflect the metagames at Regionals this weekend? Or will competition take a different turn.