Since its first set release over 20 years ago, the Pokémon Trading Card Game has gone through (and please, pardon the pun) various evolutions. Over the years, we've seen countless sets released in North America that have shaped the identity of the game - and one of the first sets to do this was Team Rocket.

Team Rocket was the original set that used Holofoil Trainer and Energy cards. It also introduced the first Pokémon to have a prefix in their names, with the titular characters' Pokémon referred to as 'Dark Pokémon'. Check out the video below, where TrickyGym gives a full historical breakdown of the Team Rocket set and how it changed the Pokémon TCG forever!

While the modern Pokémon TCG is fast-paced and full of Mega-Evolutions, Team-Ups, and V-Max Pokémon, the game's earlier sets had a slower buildup to near game-breaking cards - for example, Dark Vileplume, which shut out every Trainer Card while it was in play. Some elements of gameplay would eventually become more balanced, such as 'free' effects that let you search for cards with no downside or force your opponent to discard cards before they had their first turn. Back in the year 2000, though, the game was explosive and dangerous from the very first attack.

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