Hand traps are a staple of tournament play in Yu-Gi-Oh, and different hand traps rotate in and out of competition all the time. Picking the right hand trap is always a function of your metagame: the biggest decks determine which hand traps are the most powerful. But with that in mind, some hand traps see near constant play - cards like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit - while others often fall through the cracks.

Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion is one of those hand traps that usually doesn't get much spotlight. But could it actually be a powerful pick for this format, just sailing under the radar? We've seen some of the game's biggest competitors topping with it in recent events, and now Doug thinks it could be a big sleeper hit heading into YCS Ft. Worth. Hit the video to find out why.

What do you think - is Ghost Belle that good? Does it have a place in your current decks?