Zombies are one of the biggest fan-favorite themes in all of Yu-Gi-Oh. Armed with tons of graveyard tricks and tons of Special Summons, they specialize in twisting your opponent's monsters into undead allies, smashing your opponent's strategy with Zombie World. Bouncing in and out of the graveyard, Zombies are a ton of fun and have seen their share of tournament success over the past two decades.

The undead will rise again this Friday thanks to Secret Slayers and the arrival of a key new player: Eldlich the Golden Lord. Past zombie themes were a team effort; you'd grow your horde of flesh-eating filthies, turn your opponent's best monsters against them and then rush the table for game. But the Eldlich theme is different, revolving entirely around the Golden Lord himself - a master of necromancy that's amassed such great wealth, he can buy his way back onto the field again and again. There's never been anything quite like it, and today Doug's diving six feet deep to show you everything you need to know.