There's just one month until the release of Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown, the first ever Structure Deck voted on and selected by regular players! When duel fans were asked to choose one theme to be reborn as a Structure it was Shaddolls that won out... just barely. The winning deck concept was almost Sacred Beasts; they led the polling for days early on, before Shaddolls rallied and took the win.

But now the wheel of fate has turned! A Sacred Beast Structure Deck has been announced for an OCG release, and could make its way to the TCG later this year. This week we saw the first new card from that release, and it's actually a pretty big game changer for Sacred Beasts as a strategy. What does it do, and is it any good? Doug has the details in today's featured video.

With at least three more cards slated for release in the Sacred Beast Structure, what would you like to see? A new "Phantom" Fusion Monster? More support to get the Sacred Beasts into play? Or something else entirely? Let us know, down in the comments.