The Remote Duel Invitational's in the record books, we finally saw Lightning Overdrive in action, and now we're looking at the first fallout in the secondary market!

No big preamble this time around: as usual, we're looking at the Top 10 best-selling cards in the TCGplayer Marketplace, measured by the number of unique purchases made. And while the Remote Duel Invitational's started to make an impact, the story of the week was an amazing surge of interest in an attractive theme that's all about amazement.

…Can. Can you guess what it was?

#10 Traptrix Vesiculo

Last week we saw a big surge of enthusiasm for Traptrix Cularia, which came in at Number 10 on the best-seller list. This week, Traptrix Vesiculo took its spot, as Traptrix fans continue to warm up to the new support.

#9 Scrap Raptor

One of the biggest takeaways from the Remote Duel Invitational was this: three of the sixteen competitors brought Dinosaurs to the tournament, and the one who made it to Day 2 was Angel Sanchez; the only Dino duelist playing Scrap Raptor. Dead cards, bricks, Gem-Knight Garnet… whatever you want to call them, players hate risking the chance of drawing engine cards they need, but never want to draw. That may have led players this past weekend to give Scrap Chimera a wide berth.

That or they just didn't want to pay 50 bucks for Scrap Chimera.

Either way, the proof is in the Puddingcess: Sanchez made it all the way to finals before he ran into Samuel Chung and his Zoodiac Tri-Brigade deck, who put Sanchez in 2nd Place. Regardless, Dinosaurs are super strong right now, and Scrap Raptor one of the best cards for the deck that we've seen in years. Sure, drawing dead cards sucks, but let me repeat myself from weeks past: a 1-card Crystron Halqifibrax, a 1-card Link 4, or a 1-card Level 9 Synchro is pretty good.

#8 Dark Honest

I don't think this is being played anywhere, but it's Dark Honest and it's under 10 bucks. A lot of us have been waiting a very long time to see this thing get printed, and while the glory days of the OG Honest may be long gone, this new version still has huge appeal, both for the nostalgia crowd and for players that want to future-proof their collection against possible trends.

#7 Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous

Light monsters are extremely common in the tournament scene right now, and that's usually the case in competitive Yu-Gi-Oh. That gives Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous a lot of utility, and we already saw it in action in Chris Brunner's Drytron deck this past weekend. Brunner didn't have a great weekend, but I don't think that was necessarily his fault, nor does it cast a palor of doom and regret over the Drytron theme.

The reality is that Drytron got Dark Worlded into oblivion: everyone was siding for the matchup, and the one guy who played the deck got whomped on as a result. If you were interested in playing the new Drytron deck, don't get discouraged too quickly.

Anyway, yeah. Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous real good, and everybody should own a couple copies. The only reason it's down to Number 7 this week is because it spent so much time in the Top 3 this month so far.

#6 Ruddy Rose Dragon

Ruddy Rose Dragon was in the Number 5 spot last week, and it dipped to Number 6 over the last few days as its price crept up a buck or two. Like I said last week, this card seems undervalued, in some large part just due to the backlash against the localization. If you don't know what I mean, this card was expected to be named "Blood Rose Dragon," and instead it got named Ruddy Rose Dragon. Probably for weird reasons involving licensing agreements, since this card is at the very least tied to the 5Ds animated series, but who knows.

Anyways, the boos are dying down the last couple weeks and people are buying in. Ruddy Rose Dragon would've been the best-selling card on TCGplayer this week if it wasn't for a sudden, MASSIVE upswing in demand for Amazement cards.

#5 Amazing Time Ticket

Yes, all five cards in the Top 5 this week were from the Amaze, or Amazement, or Attraction theme, which continues to feel like a sick revisiting of the confusion that was the Galaxy-Eyes, Galaxy, Photon theme.

Amazement decks saw significant play on online platforms in the past week, and their boss monster happens to be an entirely splashable powerhouse extender you can run in almost anything; together, those two factors created big demand. That demand started with Amazing Time Ticket at Number 5, a Quick-Play Reinforcement of the Army that doesn't just get monsters on your turn, but that can set trap cards on your opponent's turn as well, letting you activate that trap the turn you set it.

The Amazement deck may not be fully fleshed out yet, but as search cards go, this thing is ridiculous.

#4 Amaze Attraction Horror House

This is basically Effect Veiler and Book of Moon stitched together as a trap card. It's searchable with Amazing Time Ticket and it combos with lots of other cards in the theme.

Amaze Attraction Horror House is hands down one of the better cards in the Amazement deck, it's certainly the best of their trap cards, and you're likely running two, if not three copies if you're doing anything with this engine.

#3 Amaze Attraction Cyclo-Coaster

Amaze Attraction Cyclo-Coaster not quite as good as Amaze Attraction Horror House, but it's a bit cheaper and sometimes that's what guides the numbers for these things. At the same time, a trap speed backrow spot removal card isn't bad, especially when it's attached to a strong search effect. Certain decks splashing Amazement cards may not run this, but dedicated builds are almost guaranteed to run two copies.

#2 Amazement Attendant Comica

Amazement Attendant Comica been steadily popular ever since Lightning Overdrive presales opened, and while it was Number 9 last week, the spike of interest in the Amazement them drove Amazement Attendant Comica right up to Number 2.

Do you want a free trap card? Yes. Do you want to move your trap cards around from monster to monster? Uhh. I mean, sure, probably. Some portion of the time. Comica makes that happen, and that makes her a must-run at three.

#1 Amazement Administrator Arlekino

Finally, the star of the week was a huge surprise! Amazement Administrator Arlekino is almost 30 dollars, and yet it was the absolute best-selling card on TCGplayer for the last seven days. Again, that's owed it to the fact that players are legitimately interested in the Amazement theme, and because you can splash Amazement Administrator Arlekino into just about anything that resolves trap cards.

Even if you don't have Attraction trap cards to use with Amazement Administrator Arlekino first and third abilities, you don't necessarily need them. Amazement Administrator Arlekino got some respectable beef at 2600 ATK, and it's Level 7 fodder for Synchro Summons, Xyz Summons, and so on. You can Special Summon it from your hand any time any player activates a trap card, which is becoming increasingly common now that traps are back in fashion.

If you run trap cards yourself and want a big, meaty extender, this guy has what you want. Don't be surprised to see it in everything from Eldlich to Traptrix moving forward.

Want to know what else was big this week? Tri-Brigade Bearbrumm the Rampant Rampager came in at Number 11, coming off that big win at the Invitational. Diviner of the Herald was right behind at Number 12, followed by Dark Ruler No More, Tri-Brigade Kitt, and Traptrix Cularia.

This weekend we'll see the Latin American Remote Duel Invitational, and by next week we'll have more info about the tournament impact of Lightning Overdrive. Stay tuned for that, and until then, have a great weekend!