Side Decking can be one of the most nuanced parts of competition in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and it's often misunderstood or underused by less experienced players. Knowing what to side in is tough enough, but knowing what to side out for which match-ups and then how to adapt on the fly is even tougher, and Side Decking's all the more difficult because we often don't know what some of the top players are siding in the first place.

But for YCS Knoxville, just weeks before the North American WCQ, that last bit isn't a problem. Konami published an article on their strategy site listing the Top 10 most popular Side Deck cards in the Top 32 at the YCS, and while the precise numbers weren't included, it's enough to start building a useful perspective. That's what Doug's doing in today's video, as he discusses the cards individually as well as their relationships with one another, and the decks they might appear in... or be played against.

If you're looking for some more perspective on Side Decking right before your WCQ, then today's video has what you need.

Was there anything on the list that surprised you? Something that confirmed your theories? Let us know, down in the comments.