Greetings duelists! The 2020 Tin of Lost Memories are almost upon us, and some super swanky reprints are about to hit shelves.

Today, I wanted to bring you my personal Top 5 reprints from the entire set. At over 240 cards, the new Mega-Packs are stacked full of obviously strong reprints – cards like Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess, Pot of Extravagance, I:P Masquerena and Borreload Savage Dragon. But today I want to look a little deeper at some of my favorites, including some hidden gems.

Let's dive in.

Dragon Link...Everything?

Duelists all across the globe have a soft spot for Dragon decks, so even before the Dragon Link deck really took off here in the TCG, cards like Starliege Seyfert were already expensive. Popularized by Shunping Xu's dominant sweep of the UDS earlier in the year, both Starliege Seyfert and Striker Dragon shot up in price, and they stayed pretty steady ever since. Luckily, Starliege Seyfert's getting a much-needed lower rarity printing as an Ultra Rare, while Striker Dragon's receiving a fantastic upgrade to a Prismatic Secret Rare.

Guardragon Elpy, Guardragon Pisty and World Legacy Guardragon all get an awesome and well-deserved upgrade to the Prismatic Secret Rare foiling that was such a huge hit last year. They're a mainstay in combo decks ranging from Crusadia Guardragon to Danger Thunder, all the way to the Dragon Link deck that's still seeing success to this day. When competitive cards that were previously all played in one deck all get a reprint – especially a deck that was extremely expensive and difficult to play – life is good.

Hopefully the Dragon Link deck can get some more exploration now that it'll be available to budget focused players. The deck's already undergone an incredible evolution this year alone, and now more players have access to it for their remote duel local events.

Next up?

Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay And Cynet Mining

Two more massive reprints, and both already got rarity downgrades this year once before. Both Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay and Cynet Mining saw lots of play time in Salamangreat decks the moment they were released. Those cards drew a tough line in the sand between fully invested Salamangreat players, and budget Salamangreat duelists all around the world; budget players who'd first flocked to the deck as a competitive, yet cheap, option for play at any level.

Now, with a second reprint coming for both cards, Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay and Cynet Mining will be at an all-time low in price, and the timing just couldn't be better. Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay slowly picking up some steam thanks to the popularity of infernobles and other Link-based strategies at the forefront of the competitive scene. And even when Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay not really worth playing, having access to cheap copies of such flexible cards is always a welcome luxury. Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay probably the one reprint that I would hoard if I were investing. It cycles in and out of formats, and when it's in? It's REALLY in.

Cynet Mining was stuck in an interesting spot. Being specific to Cyberse-type strategies you'd think it wouldn't be too terribly expensive. But taking the already extremely consistent Salamangreat deck and adding three copies of Cynet Mining let you effectively play every game you shuffled up for. Combined with fringe interest in rogue Cyberse decks, that boost to consistency kept Cynet Mining's price high.

Luckily with the second reprint looming just days away, we might see Cynet Mining in those other, less explored Cyberse strategies more often; they have a lot to offer for any duelist willing to put in the work. Hopefully we get a Lady Debug reprint in Maximum Gold, because as of this writing it's sitting at $7 a copy. That's not terribly expensive, but it would be nice to see a cheaper reprint for a Structure Deck card that's more than two years old.

Neos Fusion. Seriously.

Okay so this is one of my personal favorite cards ever printed, literally ever. Why?

Because of Duel Links. Yes, because of that game I may have a stack of Neos Fusions and I may always keep a set on me with an Elemental HERO Brave Neos in case of emergency. While it's not the most consistently competitive card, Neos Fusion's seen niche play alongside Rainbow Neos and Predaplant Verte Anaconda to clear fields and break set-ups.

Neos Fusion is probably the least important and least impactful reprint on my list, but it's easily one of my favorites. Hopefully it sees more table time in the future. Is it silly? Absolutely. Am I going to buy a set to ensure that when I someday win a YCS with Neos Fusion, I have the best rarity available? …. Also yes.

Okay, okay. Last card, back to reality.

Barricadeborg Blocker

In a cruel twist of fate, someone over at Konami heard the pleas and cries of duelists everywhere who were begging for a foil reprint of one of the most criminally under-appreciated cards on release. Their solution? To make this sucker a rare. If you listen closely, you can hear the laughter of that individual bellowing forth like a Batman-style villain, complete with creepy lightning in the background.

You. Monster.

Seriously though, it's a mean joke. Barricadeborg Blocker's seen incredibly high use ever since the "enternal" Orcust format in the last half of 2019. Being a Dark and a Machine with good Link arrows and a solid effect, it's popped up nonstop since its release in competitions everywhere. Even today, Barricadeborg Blocker still sees table time as a piece of the combo in certain Crystron Halqifibrax turbo engines.

Whoever made the executive decision to make this card anything less than a Prismatic Secret Rare? I hope you stub your toe and it mildly inconveniences you for the remainder of your day. It hurts my heart to see it as a rare. The only acceptable solution is to make it a Gold Rare with that awesome new foiling seen in the OCG once Maximum Gold hihts. Nothing else, or I'll continue to wish stubbed toes upon all parties responsible.

Hopefully you all enjoyed a little peek at what I'm the most excited about in this year's tins. Let me know what you're looking forward to over on Twitter! Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel too, where I'll be opening my tins as soon as I can get my hands on them. Until next time, play on!