Dev of Strictly Better MTG has been on an absolute tear these past two weeks reviewing every single card that's spoiled from War of the Spark. Looking for Dev's thoughts on your favorite new card? Check when it was spoiled and find that day's video below. Enjoy!

Day One: Sunday, March 31st

Day Two: Monday, April 1st

Day Three: Tuesday, April 2nd

Day Four: Wednesday, April 3rd

Day Five: Thursday, April 4th

Day Six: Friday, April 5th

Oh, hey! That's one week of spoilers. Here's week two:

Day Seven: Monday, April 8th

Day Eight: Tuesday, April 9th

Day Nine: Wednesday, April 10th

Day Ten: Thursday, April 11th

Day Eleven: Friday, April 12th

Shesh, what a week! Wait, there's more!?

Day Twelve: Monday, April 15th

Day Thirteen: Tuesday, April 16th

That's all thirteen days! Dev is still at it, so be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel so you never miss a day of spoiler reviews.

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