Welcome to our last recap article on the subject of Time Spiral Remastered! Over this past week, Wizards of the Coast has revealed cards of each individual color, and we've given our thoughts on the five coolest cards in each color. Today is the final installment, where we'll review our top 5 picks from among colorless artifacts, lands, and multicolor cards. Here we go!

We begin this list, which is no particular order, with Jhoira of the Ghitu, a formidable legendary creature. In the early days of the Commander format, back when it was still called Elder Dragon Highlander (or EDH for short), Jhoira of the Ghitu terrified opponents who could not easily deal with the deadly combination of a suspended copy of Obliterate followed immediately by a large, suspended creature of most any kind. To this day, that synergy is highly difficult to contend with, even by the most formidable Commander players! And it's all thanks to Jhoira that this line of play is possible, due to her ability to give any card in a player's hand suspend.

Speaking of strong combinations, many players from early in its release had sought out a way to break Stuffy Doll. At the time, one card stood out among the rest as something usable to that end: Guilty Conscience. Through the combo of a Stuffy Doll enchanted with that Aura, players were capable of doling out one-shot kills with the sadistic Construct creature!

Thankfully, Guilty Conscience is ineligible for a reprinting in Time Spiral Remastered, but that doesn't stop the combos from potentially happening in the set's Limited play. Shivan Meteor is another card that had the distinction of going quite hard alongside Stuffy Doll and as that's being reprinted in the set, fans of the nightmarish Stuffy Doll can rejoice.

Cloud Key is a card that is hard to perceive as having cost roughly $35 prior to its reprinting in Time Spiral Remastered. However, as peculiar as that is, its ability to make cards cost less mana to cast is fairly difficult to compete with. Cloud Key isn't terribly popular among Commander players, but that may due to its relative scarcity at this time. Ideally, the card being reprinted will put it back into better graces among players of all manner of formats.

On the flip side, cards with the transmute ability such as Tolaria West are extremely popular among Commander players, likely due to the need for tutors in the format in order to dig through the library for something to cast. Tolaria West specifically facilitates the search for zero-mana cards such as Mana Crypt, Lotus Petal, or, in many cases, more powerful lands like Gaea's Cradle. Who could imagine this card to be such an all-star in competitive Commander play?

The final card I'll leave you with is not Sliver Legion or its coterie of multicolored Sliver creatures, as plentiful as they are in Time Spiral Remastered. Instead, I wish to make mention of Bloodbraid Elf, a card that was originally printed in Alara Reborn back in 2009. Arguably one of the strongest cards with the cascade ability and one of the hit cards in the early days of the Jund archetype, Bloodbraid Elf had been banned in Modern in 2013, only to be unbanned five years later. (Its partner-in-crime, Deathrite Shaman, has not been as lucky and is not only still banned in Modern but is also banned from Legacy play.) A card as powerful and as iconic as Bloodbraid Elf certainly deserves the "timeshifted" showcase frame treatment of Time Spiral Remastered.

There are plenty of other really cool cards in this set, and while we don't have time to discuss all of them, we recommend that you take a look yourself!