Hello and welcome to the second day of Time Spiral Remastered previews! As you no doubt recall from our previous recap about white cards from the set, with this preview season Wizards of the Coast is going over cards color by color. As evidenced by Gavin Verhey's February 26th Good Morning Magic video on YouTube, we will be looking at five blue cards that will be seeing a reprint in this new-yet-old set. Let's get on that!

Remand is a card that, for many, needs no introduction. It was a fantastic source of countermagic when it was originally printed in the Ravnica: City of Guilds expansion back in 2005. It has great synergies with the storm ability, which will be seeing a return in Time Spiral Remastered, and is a strong tempo shift if used on opposing spells, wasting your opponent's mana on recasting the countered spell all while drawing you a card. It has never before seen print in the original Magic: The Gathering frame from prior to Eighth Edition or Mirrodin, but it looks great wearing it now!

Within Time Spiral Remastered, there is no doubt that there will be plenty of cards that warrant being countered, and with Baral, Chief of Compliance your countermagic will also allow you to draw through your deck to filter into more of what you need to win. Baral's first appearance during the Aether Revolt expansion in 2017 saw that players really enjoyed using this card to control the board while gearing up for a win condition like Torrential Gearhulk or similar. It is not unlikely that cards like Baral will see even more play now that he's got that beautiful old frame, appealing to older and more enfranchised players while appearing quite enticing to newer players as well.

True-Name Nemesis, another "timeshifted" card from the new set, was one of the first made-for-Commander cards that saw play in Legacy in addition to Commander when it was released with Commander 2013's "Mind Seize" preconstructed deck, and commanded a hefty price tag through its reprinting in Battlebond. It still sees play in Merfolk decks alongside cards like Lord of Atlantis and Master of the Pearl Trident, which have both also been given the "timeshifted" treatment (Lord of Atlantis in the first Time Spiral set and Master of the Pearl Trident in Time Spiral Remastered). With such a strong ability as protection from a specific player, True-Name Nemesis is sure to be a bomb when drafting this set.

A strong card with a presence all over Magic's major formats, Ancestral Vision has been upshifted in rarity to become a mythic rare in Time Spiral Remastered. Its ability to draw cards for an efficient cost is nigh-unparalleled by most other draw spells, save perhaps Ancestral Recall itself, of which Ancestral Vision is an effective descendant. It's likely that all six cards in this card's cycle will be reprinted at mythic rare, if Restore Balance and Lotus Bloom are any indicators, but that just is a testament to how powerful these spells' effects really are.

Last on our list is Ponder. Yet another blue spell from a time after the shift from the old frame to the Eighth Edition/Mirrodin card frame, Ponder was first printed in Lorwyn, albeit with art that is far different than the art of this iteration. However, this card's current art is about as iconic as its ability to dig through the deck for other cards. Plus, in the old frame, it looks better than ever before!

On Monday, March 1st, Wizards of the Coast will be delving into black cards. Keep your eyes peeled for our coverage!