Just as quickly as Kaldheim preview season ended, we're back with a preview recap of Time Spiral Remastered! For this preview season, we will be going over the cards revealed each day and highlighting the coolest cards in each color. Fortunately for us, Wizards of the Coast will be previewing cards in color order as well, making our jobs just a little bit easier. Today Wizards is previewing a bunch of white cards, tomorrow they'll be previewing blue cards, we will be seeing black cards on Monday, and so on. But enough about the logistics—on to the reveals!

If ever there was a common card in desperate need of a reprint, it was surely Mana Tithe. This low cost piece of soft countermagic debuted in Planar Chaos, the second set of the Time Spiral block. While the card markets at around a dollar and change, the foil version is a horse of an entirely different color. The foil version of the "planeshifted" Mana Tithe card retails for approximately $56 USD as we type, and while that is expected to drop with the existence of more foil copies coming about at Time Spiral Remastered's release, it may not drop that much, since it will be reprinted in the conventional frame and not the "planeshifted" one.

Banishing Light is one of the newer cards that will receive the "timeshifted" treatment. This exiling enchantment has not been printed in an older frame, and is from outside of the Time Spiral block proper. Because this card is so often played in various formats including Standard, it seems that it was a good fit for the showcase treatment. Originally debuting in Journey Into Nyx, Banishing Light was Wizards of the Coast's answer to the problems posed by Oblivion Ring's wording. Too often, players would remove Oblivion Ring from the battlefield before it itself removed its target, trapping that target in exile indefinitely. Banishing Light's wording puts a failsafe in place by only having one ability with a definite end-time.

Containment Priest is a strange case. While it has not seen much exposure in specific settings in the game (barring the Amonkhet Invocation series), it also has not been printed in the original border, and is therefore eligible for the "timeshifted" showcase treatment. When Containment Priest first saw print in Commander 2014's white preconstructed deck, it was clear that this card would be a notably strong pick for strategies that needed to deal with such archetypes as Reanimator, Blink, and so on. The card hit a high of nearly $50 USD before its reprint in Core 2021. Nowadays, Containment Priest is a sub-$1 card, but in an old-timey frame, things might be different. 

A card that has seen no reprint since its first printing in Planar Chaos, Porphyry Nodes is a complex card. It is a "planeshifted" version of Drop of Honey, which was printed exactly once in paper, all the way back in the Arabian Nights set. Part of the Reserved List, Drop of Honey has a price point of over $600 USD. However, its white counterpart does not demand such a high monetary cost. Nevertheless, Porphyry Nodes is a card that doesn't see much play in any format. Despite this, the foil for this card is a little over $11 right now. As with Mana Tithe, this may drop with the new reprint, but as it is in a novel card frame, that drop may not be steep.

Finally, we come to Restoration Angel. This Angel was the cornerstone of white-red decks revolving around itself and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker within Modern and other formats. Originally appearing in the Avacyn Restored set, Restoration Angel will be "timeshifted" in the original Magic frame.

Tomorrow we will be looking at the blue cards to come out of Time Spiral Remastered. Keep your eyes peeled for our coverage!