All the cards on this list seem to be undervalued on the TCGplayer Marketplace, and they're likely to rise in price as people recognize their scarcity and power. Let's take a look.

#10: Adaptive Automaton

Adaptive Automaton is set to skyrocket in price with all the tribal Commander cards in Modern Horizons.

#9: Scapeshift

Scapeshift was once nearly $60 per copy, so its current price (thanks to being reprinted in M19) is likely the lowest we'll ever see.

#8: Mishra's Bauble

Scale Up will be a big power boost for Modern Infect, where Mishra's Bauble has a home. Once $30, the card's price dropped due to Iconic Masters, but it's starting to creep up again.

#7: Back to Basics

This Legacy staple has hit its floor.

#6: Mana Vault

So has this Commander staple.

#5: Thoughtseize

Very few cards are playable in both Modern and Legacy, and Thoughtseize is one of them.

#4: Demonic Tutor

The most-played black Commander card was reprinted in Ultimate Masters.

#3: Supreme Verdict

Modern, Legacy and Commander all love this sweeper. Nab it before it rises above $5.

#2: Crucible of Worlds

Before it's most recent printing in M19, Crucible of Worlds was $65 and rising.

#1: Overgrown Tomb, Temple Garden and Hallowed Fountain

These three shock lands are the least expensive of the cycle, despite shock lands being essential in every format they're legal.

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