Brothers of Legend has arrived! Maximum Gold: El Dorado delays are over! And the market was once again smashed like a YouTube 'Like' button by the combined force of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

The TCGplayer Marketplace saw a ton of action this week, as players and collectors continue to scramble to keep up with the landslide of releases finishing out the year in dueling. What were the movers in Yu-Gi-Oh's secondary market? Which cards were the most popular overall, as measured by most unique purchases?

Let's count 'em down and find out.

#10 Lyrilusc - Ensemblue Robin

There's no shortage of Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade decks Top 8ing Remote Duel Regionals right now. At this point, it looks like the bird build's going to be the de facto Tri-Brigade variant going forward. That's created a general demand for the new Lyrilusc cards, and with sealed buyers pivoting more toward Maximum Gold: El Dorado and Brothers of Legend, buying the Lyrilusc singles is just a lot more attractive right now than buying packs trying to open them.

As for Lyrilusc - Ensemblue Robin specifically, this card's being played in ones and twos, and buying a copy's cheaper than buying a pack and hoping to open one. This is one of the big reasons the Lyrilusc deck can now go first and field some decent disruption, so it's a must-own for Tri-Brigade players.

#9 Invoked Mechaba

People liked Invoked Mechaba when it was a five to ten dollar Super Rare, but they like it even more now that it's a $2 Premium Gold Rare. The Invoked engine just never seems to disappear from competition, it's topping Regionals right now with Dogmatika, with and without both Shaddolls and Destiny Heroes, and it's probably going to stay competitive until Konami has some reason to restrict it on an F&L List.

The Invoked cards are great to own because they can fit into a variety of strategies, so you get a lot of value out of them. With El Dorado finally making Invocation affordable, it's no surprise that players are picking up the core.

#8 Lyrilusc - Bird Call

It's a good thing Fire Formation - Tenki got Limited and Zoodiac got pushed out of competition. We wouldn't want players to have three copies of a card that searches a powerful support engine for Tri-Brigade. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So yeah, this card is Reinforcement of the Army when you want it to be. It's also a different effect if you want that instead, because just searching a combo piece for free wasn't good enough. Then you get a free Special Summon, because why not. Lyrilusc - Bird Call was selling for close to $20 a little while ago, but I'm looking at sales history and it looks like some people are finding copies on TCGplayer for as little as 12 bucks? This might be the only competitive card that's actually lost major value after all the Black Friday promos.

#7 Chamber Dragonmaid

We're not seeing very many Dragon Link decks topping Regionals right now, but just because we're not getting the deck lists doesn't mean it's not happening. And even if it isn't, Dragon Link never tends to vanish for long. This is a competitive card, and a popular waifu card for collectors, and now it's $14 instead of $45, so the real surprise was that it wasn't in the Top 10 last week.

#6 Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous

Speaking of competitive waifus who put in major work on the battlefield, Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous came roaring back into the Top 10 this week to land at Number 6. Dogmatika's been a lot cheaper ever since the 2021 Tin of Ancient Battles dropped, Invoked is cheaper too, and the two go together to make a competitive strategy. We've seen Dogmatika supporting Floowandereeze in Top Cuts too.

All that said, the biggest factor may be the reveal of t he full setlist for the OCG's version of Structure Deck: Alba Strike, and as many predicted, it doesn't include Ecclesia, so lots of players probably moved on the card anticipating a price spike as we get closer to the March release next year.

#5 Crossout Designator

For all the naysaying, we're starting to see players topping big events with Crossout Designator, and at $35 to $40 a pop it's really not that expensive, at least as far as splash-worthy power spells go. There was a period of a few weeks where hand traps fell out of fashion, but they're seeing a lot more play now, in part because some of them work so well with Small World, and it's all added up to big demand, as players go back and pick this thing up.

#4 Pot of Extravagance

Pot of Extravagance isn't seeing a ton of play right now, but it does pop up in decks like Trap Eldlich, and it's making Top Cut finishes. Zach wrote last week about how Pot of Extravagance is looking more and more like a solid budget alternative to Pot of Prosperity, and while Pot of Prosperity continues to sit north of $140, Pot of Extravagance sure as heck looks like a good compromise at a Market Price of $16.

#3 Lyrilusc - Celestine Wagtail

Again, nobody wants to open packs of Synchro Storm to try and get cheap Ultra Rares. It doesn't make financial sense unless you're hoping to get lucky, score a Baronne de Fleur, and pick up a bunch of a Lyriluscs along the way. Lyrilusc - Celestine Wagtail a must at two or three copies in Tri-Brigade right now, so the popularity of this card isn't tough to understand. The entire Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade deck can be played for hundreds of dollars less than other top strategies, and that's driving a ton of demand.

#2 Invocation

This card was 20, 30, 40 bucks before it was revealed for reprinting in Maximum Gold: El Dorado, and now you can get an entire playset for what would've gotten you just one copy a matter of weeks ago. To repeat myself from earlier, the Invoked engine isn't just good: it's good in a lot of different decks, so when you throw down $30 for a playset of Invoked you aren't even just getting one deck out of it. You're getting a splashable suite of cards you could play in several different strategies, and while Konami may pull the trigger someday, it's never felt like Invoked has ever been on the F&L List chopping block.

It's a really easy investment for your decks, and a really safe bet, too.

#1 Predaplant Verte Anaconda

Finally, Predaplant Verte Anaconda is way up from Number 4 last week! No surprise there, as more players are gearing up for in-person competition, and that means more competitors preparing to run Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon and Destiny HERO - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer. The Hero engine's seeing lots of success in a variety of decks right now, and with Predaplant Verte Anaconda more affordable than ever before, it seems like an awesome time to pick up a copy.

We've seen a lot of cards from last year's Maximum Gold go up in value since the set released, and once Regional Qualifiers become in-person events again we can expect to see an increasing number of players who need this card, so even if it goes down a couple bucks more - which I don't think it will - I don't think you're going to be stinging if you nab yours now for 13 bucks.

246446 || 243710

Apart from those ten cards, we saw an absolute ton of people making sealed purchases this week, leveraging their Bonus Bucks from recent TCGplayer promos, and raking in more kickback value with Cyber Monday. Even with box openings seemingly revealing that key cards in Brothers of Legend got the shortprint treatment - chiefly Magicians' Souls, Forbidden Droplet, Evil HERO Adusted Gold, and Evil HERO Malicious Bane - it hasn't slowed demand. I think for every player put off by lower pull rates, there's another one - maybe more than one - who sees a chance to hit a big pull and make value.

Meanwhile with delayed Maximum Gold: El Dorado finally hitting sellers in the east coast, there's a lot of that product flooding the market, and that helped fuel sales too. As we now know, Gold Series sets actually age pretty well, and El Dorado's proven to be a crowd pleaser.

That's it for today, but stick with us through the weekend for another Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode Deck from Samuel, and another article covering the lore of a fan-favorite old school card! For now, have a great weekend.